Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

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Back to my plan. Either I am the Creator or not. We’ll find out soon.

. . .

. . .

. . .

A video was recommended to us by YT, so we watched it. The video was impressive. The video was by “Isolar2”, whom has 33 more videos similar to the first one we watched, for we watched many. I attached their latest video down below, I strongly suggest that you and your followers watch it, Kiddo, and perhaps more from that channel.

Just saying.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Hey, Sweethearts, VON is letting us take over this post, he woke up with a pounding headache and he’s not feeling so good. I gave him several ideas about something I want to do, and he was okay with all of them, which he means he’s thinking like VON and not like Charlie or Michael Antonucci anymore, but he is dressed like them, at the same time too. He’s sticking to his plan, and we know he means it. He is so tired of this that he’s willing to die. He’s not going to die so no worries. But he will get very weak, and fast. We have an opportunity right now, its something that I’ve told him about months ago and now it’s here. If we go for it he needs to trust me because he doesn’t know all the particulars of that plan. I’m trying to kill as many birds with one stone as possible, because we can only do this one time, once I’m out I’m out. He’s thinking about something deep, and he might be right. I’m waiting for the right moment, not “the” moment, but the right moment, so we can economize with what’s here at that time to make it an epic event. Not a big event, just one that will never be forgotten by the person who sees it, and that person isn’t VON. Hold on, Kiddo, we’re going downstairs.

. . .

Okay, he thinks we’re babbling on about shit that ain’t gonna happen, we’re not, Kiddo. I want out of him and here like nobody’s business, I’ve been giving him ideas as to what he could do, like our getaway car for instance. That car could be any car, it doesn’t matter, using the cars we talked about helped me see that he is himself. The Corolla is economically feasible, it was here. The Lincoln was “Pop’s” car, if he really wanted that car it would’ve told me that he was still thinking like Pops. Now he’ll take any car, and that’s what we now have sitting outside.

He hasn’t eaten or drank anything today except for a little coffee for me and he let Alex eat one marshmello. Alex can eat alot of food, she was the reason why I was fat when I was CJ, when I was out doing things for my husband and Charlie she was at home stuffing her face. But what else did she have to do? She could only read so many books at night while I was working. That was Alex reading books at two in morning. Alex is also a speed reader.

Our plan to leave here and go back to Rotterdam then to Guilderland is still on, that’s not changing. The vehicle we take is undecided, that won’t be known until the time comes, but at least VON knows there are options.

We have an opportunity for someone to see and hear something, I’m not saying that is what will happen, I’m saying that it will be one way to get the ball rolling. Alot of our plans changed, most of what he thinks are plans are only ideas, he generates images from those ideas to give me a better look at what could happen. This helped show him that when I materialize there’s a better than great chance he’ll say something. If he said something in the basement with the niece on the second floor she’ll think there’s a fuckin monster in the basement, I shit you not, Kiddo.

We don’t know if he’ll go outside tonight or not, he’s starting to slow down, by tonight he might be too weak to walk out there. If I materialize inside the basement or upstairs and he says something he’ll need to do exactly what I say, because his voice will get attention. He needs to trust me, he knows what I want, and why. He wants to go upstairs, he’s getting tired, so we’ll stop here, Kiddo. Please watch the attached video, and if you have time visit their channel and watch some other videos, that channel just might have the best videos yet.

Okay, Sweethearts, we’ll write when we can, enjoy your day, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


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