Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well, we have some things to share with you today.

There’s been a few changes but we’re still on course. VON agreed to what I want him to do, it took a few days for him to know that I was serious and not upset when I first told him about my plan, but he finally agreed to it.

He feels more comfortable about the Corolla than the Lincoln, because subconsciously he knows that the Corolla was here once, if it was here once it can be here again. I told him where we’re going to go, which is actually two places. First stop will be Charlie’s and Aphie’s apartment in Rotterdam. When we leave here we will be in another dimension where there are no people and no pets. Before we get to the apartment he’ll empower an equation. When we pull up to the apartment Mowzer will be waiting for us in the front window. The apartment will be exactly like it was two years ago, everything of Charlie’s will be there except for Charlie. We’ll collect everything then head to the house that you, Charlie and Arie lived in, Kiddo. That will be our “headquarters”. After we get set up, he’ll begin working. That house was in a culdesac with million dollar houses, about 8 to 10 of them, he’ll get practice by making alterations to the houses and land. Once he’s finished there will be homes for the people he’ll be returning, since they’re all family it’ll be a nice family neighborhood for them. They too will be in that other dimension with us. We’ll all be in that dimension for as long as it takes VON to build everyone a new planet to live on, which will probably take about a month, maybe two months depending on what he wants to do. In between that we’ll get the ball rolling in this dimension so people know what’s coming.

He went outside last night not taking into consideration what yesterday was to some people. It wasn’t a holiday but it might as well have been. He knew about this before going outside but he didn’t think it mattered. It matters alot. He was also facing in the wrong direction. He said “My bad”, but it’s okay, it gave me another day to give him some more details. When we came in from outside he went online to see if there were any holidays or events that would interfere. He saw that from May 6th to June 5th is an Islamic holiday, this has no effect on us. He remembered that I had told him Mother’s Day would work, but he declined just to be safe. Mother’s Day was after May 6th, I aleady knew about Ramadan, he didn’t. Islam has absolutely no facts backing it up, Christianity has the Book of Revelations, our Son’s prophecies, so there is some truth in the Bible.

We’ll be able to communicate with people while we’re in that other dimension, through cellphones and the internet, so it’s not like we’re completely cut off. We’ll be sneaking in and out of this dimension from to time to time, because we need to do some things here.

. . .

He thought about last night, he thought that he should’ve stayed out past midnight, but it still would’ve been May 14th. Each day begins at sunrise and ends the following sunrise, the next day doesn’t start at midnight, midnight is the middle of the night of that day. Maybe that’s why people never have enough time, they are losing about 6 hours each day everyday. Maybe VON could build a clock that starts at sunrise every day, like a timer. At sunrise the clock resets to zero, so, if sunrise were at 5:55AM tomorrow, 6:55AM would be 1:00 in the morning. It would give people a much better sense of time knowing just how many hours they have left that day, it would also be beneficial to incorporate “military time” so there are no repeat times. 4PM would now be 16:00. Something for VON to think about as he builds a new home for everyone that’s left. Actually he’ll be building two homes, one for the good kids and one for the bad kids. The bad kids will go to “planet Hell”, and the good kids will go to “planet Heaven”. Sound good, Kiddo?

I think we’ll stop here, he wants to think about a few things. So far the weather seems okay, maybe it will be nice tonight.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, be safe, and we’ll write when we can.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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