Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well, we’re in the basement going over some things so we can get the fuck outta here. I am done with this. I’ve told him several times “we’re leaving” today. It was raining hard this morning but now it’s letting up, we went to a weather site and it said only a 30% chance of rain tonight, which means it might not rain at all. We’re all ready. He is now 100% convinced that he wasn’t or is Charlie. He is also 100% convinced that he was Michael Antonucci back in the fifties. The best way to pretend you’re someone else is to not know you’re pretending. CJ’s husband died and VON took his place without ever knowing that he did, he did the same with our Son, he thought he was Charlie right up until last week.

This morning I told him what I want to do when we leave here. At first he didn’t understand, but after we talked to him he understood completely. I can’t say what it is, but Maia will have the last laugh.

All this time VON wondered why he would talk like someone from the forties, because Charlie never did. He would say things like “by golly” and “all that jazz”, he would call people “scaliwags”, he would reference old time actors and singers like James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra. Charlie didn’t like any of them, Kiddo, Charlie was into special effects movies and old school techno. There are a ton of things that convinced him he was Michael Antonucci, but he wasn’t born Michael Antonucci. Charlie once described his Father as a “lumbering giant whose presence commanded respect”. Sound like Zeus at all? VON will have some of the same likes that Michael Antonucci and Charlie had, which is good, because he’ll have something in common with his Son. VON now likes techno, and cars and trucks, we don’t have wheeled vehicles back home and our music is different. I just told him “we are getting out of here”, the sister is supposedly going to visit her son next week to bring back his dog. The dog is a monster, I’m not dealing with that shit, I had enough with the grandson, holy shit I can’t take that kid, nothing but noise, you’d think he was raised by a tribe of fuckin monkies. And no one says anything. Right there tells VON the sister is not our daughter, CJ gave birth to the sister and her brother Mike, I gave birth to Charlie, VON and I have no ties to the sister or her brother, so leaving here will be easy.

He wants to finish this indoors. I want to do that so bad but I can’t take a chance of him speaking inside the house. He knows what he sounds like, it’s off the fuckin wall. Once we’re somewhere where he can speak he’ll be able to adjust the loudness of his voice once he gets used to it, but the first time will be loud as fuck, Kiddo, I know that for a fact. I just want to ditch out of here without having to speak to the sister or the niece, nighttime will be the best time, and outside between the pines. I know that we won’t be interrupted there, that I know. If he says something outside and it’s heard inside the house it could be written off as a passing truck or a low flying plane, they won’t think much of it. He was worried about collecting all of our Son’s things, we don’t need to go upstairs at all to get them, they were brought upstairs by thought and they can be brought downstairs by thought. Alex wanted the Navigator to carry all of our Son’s things, which was intelligent thinking, but VON can “erase” all of his things and bring them all back once we get to where we’re going. I have a place picked out, and it’s pretty nice too.

He wants to think about something so we’re going to stop here, we might write again later. It’s still raining but that’s okay, it’s only 4:33 in the afternoon.

Enjoy your evening, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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