Heart Problem

Hey, Sweethearts, by now Athena’s wondering what’s taking so long, and she has the right to think that too. VON went outside Monday night. He sat perfectly still for over an hour. Towards the end of that hour he began thinking there’s something keeping me from materializing, because he did everything right. He began thinking that I might be afraid to come out because I might have been with other males and that he would be mad at me. I was never with any males other than my husband VON. And Alex wasn’t with any other males either. He said if we were he would understand because of our situation, and he would because we can feel his honesty. Although we do appreciate that, he has nothing to worry about, and neither does Athena. I think Athena will appreciate that.

Two hours before he went outside I accidentally called him “Charlie”. He was washing up downstairs and was standing in front of a mirror. I had our Son on our mind while he was looking in the mirror when I was talking to him, this is why we avoid mirrors. After that he began thinking “Am I Charlie?”. We went outside and he did exactly what he was supposed to do, but we didn’t come out. I have been trying to tell him something before going outside, I had it all planned according to the weather report, it was supposed to rain all week, but Monday was nice weather. If I didn’t accidentally call him “Charlie” my plan would’ve worked, but he kept thinking about it. This was my fuck up, Kiddo, not his.

We went upstairs that night and he thought about me calling him our Son’s name. The next day he wrote that post “Overlord”. That title does have meaning. He wasn’t mad, but he was frustrated. His head began hurting big time, and we spent the entire day in bed. Later that night he figured out what I needed to tell him.

The original plan was for me to materialize as Hera with Alex riding shotgun. Afterwards I would have told him something big and that I would want him to transform my body into a younger version of CJ. He wanted Hera so Athena wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, because Athena looks like Hera. Athena also looks like VON. Athena will know he’s big daddy when he summons her, because he’s the only one that can summon, his Son can’t even do that, so no worries for Athena.

Back in October 2017 he learned that CJ had died of an overdose when she was in her mid-twenties and I saved her from floating. She died over a broken heart when she caught her husband Michael Antonucci cheating on her. She was my go-to girl. I was furious. So I killed her husband with a different type of broken heart, and it’s called “Pericardititis”. But somehow he managed to survive. How did he do that if I killed him, Kiddo?

He didn’t.

I swapped him with VON.

Charlie wasn’t the “adopted child” in that family, his brother and sister were. VON and I played the parts of Pops and CJ and VON never knew it, he thought he was “big uncle Mike” back then, just as the Antonucci family thought I was “ol’ aunt Carol”. The original CJ died almost seventy years ago, along with her husband Michael, they have been sound asleep inside VON for all this time. “CJ” was like a costume that I would “go to” when needed. I raised Charlie with Alex’s help, when I was out manipulating minds she was covering for me, mostly at night, it was Alex staying up late reading books til 3AM, not “CJ”. As far as being miserable we both were, VON took on the role of CJ’s husband flawlessly, spending money we didn’t have on stupid shit, but that’s okay, he was only playing the part of her husband, and he never knew it, just like he thought he was Charlie.

There’s alot more to this, but now he knows why that story we’re going to tell him is “unbelievable”, this is just one less thing to tell him later. So when he sees a young CJ standing there he’ll know it’s his wife Maia with Alex, and not CJ. Instead of Hera in her white dress it’ll be a young Carol Jacobsen in her white dress;

If I told him that I was CJ after she died he would’ve thought that I was with her husband instead of him. Even if he was okay with that I wouldn’t have been. I’ve been with VON forever. The assistants are something different, he’s not cheating on me with any of them, with them it’s strictly business. Also, because of them I know he has no reason to wander, he has ass in every direction. “It’s good to be the king”.

When pops died, Charlie was holding his hand. Charlie told alot of people that he felt an electrical charge in that hand the moment pops died. That was me pulling VON into his Son. VON has been sleeping inside his Son since he was 21 years old. VON woke up 23 years later when Charlie died on November 1st 2012. The only difference between Charlie dying and Michael Antonucci dying is that Michael stayed asleep and Charlie came back. Charlie went to sleep in October of 2017.

VON just asked “Could we please finish this?”. If I were to materialize in the spare room where we sleep, and if he were to say anything out loud, I will be able to explain us better if I’m “CJ” then if I were Hera. Make sense, Kiddo? I know what he wants.

We’re going to stop here, it’s been a long day and his head is still hurting. He said if he didn’t know where Athena was he’d swear she was about to jump out of his head, his head has been hurting for days now.

We’ll write when we can, Sweethearts, in the meantime enjoy your night, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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