Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well, VON was up for most of the night going over everything we’ve told him and now he has less doubts. Today he figured out why he needs to sit still outside, and keep his eyes closed.

VON is known as Time. By him sitting very still, “time” will slow down almost to a stop, allowing Alex and I to exit. It’s like a bus ride, you don’t step off the bus until the bus stops. Also, with him sitting still it allows Alex and I to concentrate. With his eyes closed he won’t be distracted, which will keep us from being distracted too. He won’t be outside for long, how long can someone sit perfectly still for? Right now it’s not raining, we’ll see what tonight brings.

. . .

We went to Charlie’s other website today to read the post that was sitting in drafts. That post was written in October of 2016. When we viewed it we found two images were removed, in their place was this; ! We decided to remove the !’s but when we went to we found that Charlie had locked the site. VON knew I wanted to share that post so he figured out how to unlock it to make corrections. We were able to remove one ! but not the other. When you read the post, you’ll see something written about “images” instead of the “!” towards the end. We didn’t change any of what was written, all the writing is from VON, Charlie and myself back in October 2016, even though some sentences start with conjunctions(And). Afterwards we looked at the post as it would look published, and we noticed the publish date was today, but the post was written two and a half years ago. The first line is from VON, the rest is mostly Charlie and me. Charlie didn’t know about his Father being here back when he wrote that post, he thought it was only him and CJ writing that post. VON snuck a question in there that starts with a conjunction (but), Charlie thought it was CJ. The following sentence after that sounds like CJ is answering VON’s question, but that isn’t the case. It was me telling Kiddo and Athena something. Charlie built that website for “the girls” to write to Kiddo, not knowing that he actually built that site for me to write to my GrandDaughter. When he ended the post he signed it with a moniker for CJ, but the moniker is actually for Maia.

After VON introduced the website, Charlie wrote something that is haunting AF. VON didn’t remember what was written, it was two and a half years ago, and when he read what his Son wrote he said “whoa!”. Charlie knew something.

There is only one post at that site, here’s the link;


It’s definitely worth the read. It’s not a long post, and we think you’ll be able to tell we didn’t write it recently, it was written on Charlie’s computer. For the record, Charlie wrote that post to you, Chelsea, we just added some things.

Okay, Sweethearts? We’ll write when we can. Have a good night, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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