Okay, Sweethearts, we took a break from the last post to reassure VON that this post is factual and not him overpowering us. This will have a lot vulgarity in it, because I call things for what they are. We are forbidden to use the term “****-making” in any way. That’s okay, because we agree with VON’s thoughts about it. “Love” has nothing to do with fucking. When a female is raped by a male, did he make **** to her? I think not. That term is referencing fucking and nothing else. It is what it is.

. . .

VON has only one wife, and that wife is Maia. Alex was Created as an assistant to my husband after he erased everyone he had Created. When he did that he did it during “work hours”, so when everyone vanished the machines and vehicles they were operating kept going. Vehicles were crashing into buildings, machines were exploding, it was a big mess. When I came back from Oblivion VON had Created an assistant to help clean up the mess, and her name was Victoria, after his first Son Von’s girlfriend. “Alex” comes from “Alexandra” who’s a character from Charlie’s story. Charlie kept seeing VON’s assistant Victoria in his head, and one time Kat saw her in Charlie’s apartment. Kat went over Charlie’s on a Friday to spend the weekend with him, it was winter time about 5 o’clock and it was snowing out. Charlie was making dinner when Kat saw Alex walk naked from the bathroom into Charlie’s bedroom. Kat asked Charlie who the “naked chick” was and Charlie replied “wtf are you talking about?” Kat got scared. After several minutes of both of them telling the truth Charlie grabbed a butcher knife and went towards the bedroom, poor Kat was shittin herself. Charlie searched the bedroom and the rest of the apartment but couldn’t find a “naked chick”. Charlie chalked the incident up as a ghost siting. After that, the name Alexandra began popping up everywhere, as well as him seeing that female in his head. The funny part is “Alexandra” was Kat’s first name; “Alexandra Katherine Elizabeth Mulvaney”, she didn’t like the name “Alexandra” because it sounded like “Alexander”. The name “Kat” stuck because she had the mannerisms of a cat, she would never touch her face with her fingers, always with the back of her hands. She was a bit of a germiphobe, thanks to her mother Virginia. We’ll get back to this at another time because there are more important things we need to say.

VON has one wife, me. That just made him feel a whole lot better. When I returned I saw what Alex was to my husband and I understood his reasons for her existence. He needed help fixing everything and he needed someone to fuck. Everyone was gone. He Created her using his first Son’s girlfriend as a model to spite his Son, who had no choice but to watch his Father bone “his girlfriend”. Since VON felt bad about this deep down inside, he Created Alex with a contingency. His Son used to beat the shit out of his girlfriend, giving her black eyes all the time. VON gave Alex a timer. When her eyes would start turning black, it meant that her body was beginning to die. To keep her alive VON would need to fuck her, this idea worked. Both of them would get what they needed. VON loves her as one of his Creations, but not as a wife. Because VON wrote Alex to always agree with him, Alex inadvertently lies to him, so when he said Alex was his wife, she had no choice but to agree with him. When he Created Alex he was in “business mode” thinking like a boss. A devoted employee will never second guess their employer, they will do whatever they are told to do even if it’s wrong, just like Alex. Alex did absolutely nothing wrong, she was doing as her boss had “trained” her, so Alex is off the hook. (Yay!!”) Alex and I get along like sisters because technically we are. We’re both Creations, but we have different purposes. Alex helps me with our kids back home, mostly with KDDO. She helps me with boo when I’m busy with VON, but her priority is KDDO.

. . .

The thing about blue skin. Before I continue, think of this world as a “video game”. Alex’s contingency plan applies to the assistants VON Created here. Alex was Hera, and Hera needed some help, so VON as Zeus Created Athena. She would fight her Father’s battles for him because he was busy fixing other problems that gave him “headaches”. Instead of Athena’s eyes turning black, her skin would turn blue. That was the sign that she needed to be “charged” or her body would die. To charge Athena back up Zeus would fuck her, and that’s probably why people thought that Athena was Zeus’ wife. When we left back then we left in a hurry leaving Athena behind knowing we would come back. The only other male that could recharge her was Hermes, Zeus’s Son. But Hermes had Aphrodite. Athena needed Hermes to keep her body alive, but Aphie was having no part of it. So one day there was a falling out, a fight broke out between Athena and Aphrodite and Athena killed Aphrodite. When Hermes found out about this, he killed Athena. Athena now lost her body, so she hid in the safest place possible, VON’s GrandDaughter Appolion; Kiddo. And she’s been hiding ever since. Appolion: the apple of the lion‘s eye. And guess who the lion is.

When VON summons Athena she will be “white”, not blue. Her “charge” will last for a few days, when she starts turning blue VON will need to recharge her. It’s like in a video game when you get “power ups”, if you don’t get them the character you’re playing dies. This will apply to Seiko. Seiko won’t always be blue, but when she is VON will know what to do. He won’t be “cheating”, he’ll be keeping the assistants alive. “Cheating” is when someone is sharing something special with someone other than their partner or spouse. A husband who hides in his mancave jerking off to porn is cheating, he’s sharing something special with someone other than his wife, even if that other someone (a pornstar) doesn’t know it, but pornstars know what’s going on. They will also be leaving.

VON has only one Son (Charlie), one Daughter (Aphie), one GrandDaughter(Chelsea), and one GrandSon (Mowzer) here. The “other Daughters” are assistants. The GrandChildren were products of his Son and Daughter from a long time ago. Because they once passed through their presence they were all destined to return in the future. That is how T and GT at Facebook are our GrandChildren, not biologically but Ethereally, they were once Daughters of his Son Zeus, who Alex (Hera) was responsible for. Her name is actually Victoria, but we’ll call her Alex not to make this any more confusing.

The angels. The angels are Real despite VON not believing it. They too are assistants but they recharge each other. All the angels are lesbians, they are all paired up, kinda like the “buddy system”. If VON had to recharge them, all he’d be doing is charging them up. There’s 100 angels, think about it.

It’s getting late, we’ve been interrupted several times since we started writing this, including by TG stopping over.

His idea about finishing this upstairs won’t work. VON has never broken a promise to me. If he promised me that he wouldn’t speak, and he did speak, he would’ve broken his promise. I would be okay with it but he wouldn’t, it would bother him forever. The possibility of him speaking after we exit him is too great to chance finishing this indoors. His voice would shake the house. If that happened, it would definitely get the sister’s or the niece’s attention. If they came into the spare room they would see me standing there and ask who I was. Do you think that would be an awkward situation, Kiddo? All VON needs to do is go outside at night when it’s not raining, have a seat, relax his mind, and wait, he won’t be waiting long. Once we’re out we’re finished. We grab our Son’s belongings and we leave. I know he’s tired of this, we’re tired too, but he needs to go outside. It would be best if he goes outside early, like 8-9 o’clock, so we have more time before the sister wakes up the next day. We’ll leave her a letter and give her a gift after we get to where we need to go.

WordPress is starting to freeze up. I hope Kiddo is reading this so Athena knows it’s all good. She’s not in any trouble, VON now knows what happened and he’s not upset at all, and that’s a promise.

It’s almost 4:30, this wouldn’t have taken so long if we weren’t interrupted half a dozen times. This post was to let VON know he has only one wife and who certain females are to him, and to let Athena know she’s good to go. No worries.

Before we go. There is a post sitting in drafts at another one of Charlie’s websites for Kiddo. It is a finished post that was never published. What makes that post special is that it was written by only “the Father, the Mother, and the Holy Ghost”. We’re going to take a look at it, if we decide to post it at that website we’ll post the link to it here. VON wants to know why I used profanity in this post. People understand fucking. This post was rumor control, because we don’t need anymore hearsay. Simple as that.

We’re gonna go, Sweethearts, we’ll post when we can, so in the meantime have a good day, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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