Hey, Sweethearts, I forgot to add something important to the last post, and it has to do with rumor control. Myself (Maia), Alex, Athena, CJ, and Seiko do not and will not have sex of any kind with anyone other than VON. We want to make that clear, because if any of us see or hear anything that suggests we’re having sex with anyone else I’m going to lose my shit, and VON will fix it. Alex and I have been loyal to him and only him since day one, and that will never change. My husband is the Creator. He’s at the top of the food chain, there isn’t anyone better than him. He just flashed on a scene from his Son’s book. There’s a scene where one of the two assistants to the main character finds out just how demanding her boss is. She has a crush on him and didn’t want to believe the other assistant when she told her that he’s tough to work for. The assistant who finds out that the other assistant was right tells her how much work he had her do. She says this in earshot of their boss. The other assistant replies “See I told you!”. Their boss hears this and looks at them. He wasn’t mad, he just didn’t realize that he was so demanding, and it makes him feel bad. He asks the one assistant why she never said anything to him, and she tells him because she loves working for him and doesn’t want to lose her job. That assistant is actually Alex, and the other assistant is Athena.

Okay, VON? Alex has gone above and beyond as an assistant, she’s the one who’s been feeding you, giving you showers and wiping your ass, I think Alex deserves the “assistant of the year award”, don’t you? When you’re eating, she’s feeding you and eating for you while you and I communicate. I think she’s had enough. Okay? She doesn’t want to quit, she wants to be acknowledged. She knows that Athena is “Daddie’s Little Girl”, she knows that and doesn’t want that to change. So when Alex needs or wants something give it to her, she won’t be asking for much. Yes your wife’s being serious.

He just ate dinner so it’s easy for me to talk to him.

If Alex needed help 4,000 years ago she’ll definitely need help now, so if she asks for help from you give it to her.

Since he now knows who’s who he’ll be able to give Alex two choices of bodies. He can clone the one I’ll have which is fine with me, or he can give her the body he saw her in during a DE, it was a “pseudo-Alex” version of herself, minus the black eyes. If he gives her that one he’ll be giving her more individuality, she can be more herself. Either way is fine with me.

When VON asks Kiddo “alright?” and then says “alright!”, there’s a pause between the two alrights. He’s giving her a chance to see what he’s saying is good. That’s his family-man mode, he’s being that cool grandpa everyone wished they had. But when he’s in business mode there’s no pause in between the alrights. Here’s an example;

VON – “Alright. Here’s what you need to do. You need to do A,B, and C. After that you’ll do 1,2, and 3. After that you’ll do X,Y, and Z. When you’re done doing that you’ll need to do 7,8, and 9. Then do apples, oranges and bananas. Alright?

Assistant- “Uh, I . . .”

VON – “Alright! Let me know when you’re done.”

That’s business VON. I’m not trying to embarrass him I’m telling Athena that now he knows. He needs to tone it down a bit with his assistants. When he tells them to do something they’ll do it no matter what, I just want him to realize that sometimes he comes off a bit harsh to them. He’s not being mean or rude to them, he’s overloading them. We’ll have plenty of assistants, so there’s no reason for him to overload any of them with work.

It’s almost 8:30. He might go outside tonight, if he doesn’t that’s okay. We just gave him alot of information today, so if he wants to think about what we told that’s fine, I just want him to know that his devoted wife and trusty assistant want to get the fuck out of here as soon as possible. Every day Alex is becoming more of a nervous wreck by just being here, this is not our home and it never will be. When we tell him where to drive us to he’ll need to trust us, because we have a place picked out. It’s nice but it’s only temporary.

We could have finished this last October and several times after that. By taking longer it gave us time to tell him most of that story ahead of time, so Alex isn’t standing there shitting her pants as she explains to her boss what happened. I would be with Alex but it would’ve been mostly her telling him that story. There’s still more to tell, but now there’s not as much. VON would have been in business mode with Alex standing in front of him saying “Alright . . . this is what happened . . .”. You think that would have been a little intense six months ago, Kiddo? Now it won’t be as intense because he knows more. Now when he sees “Hera” standing there he’ll know that’s it me with Alex and not Hera. Hera and Maia were twins by the way, because we’ve done this before, Alex had told him that back in 2017. It confused the fuck out of Charlie because he thought Aphie was telling him that, Charlie was thinking “What do you mean we did this before? Wtf are you talking about, Aphie?!” The funny part is it wasn’t funny then and it’s not funny now. And that’s why Maia wants to finish this soon, it’s called revenge, and Mother Nature will have her revenge.

Its now 9 o’clock and we’re upstairs. He can still go outside if he wants, if he wants to wait a day or two that’s fine. May 3rd was out of the question, if I came back on May 3rd he would’ve thought I was CJ. I’m not CJ, she’s another assistant. May 3rd is now a “Holi-day” since VON gave her the name “Holi” (pronounced “Holly”) before that date. It wasn’t a trick to delay finishing this, he chose that name for CJ, but even if he didn’t Maia could not come back on that date. The next day we can’t finish this on is June 9th, that is Pentacost, but I think we’ll be done before then.

We’re going to stop here so he can think some more, we did give him alot to think about in only a day. Maybe we’ll post some videos. We didn’t visit Charlie’s other website yet but there’s still time.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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