Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I have an idea. It’s not a plan, it’s just an idea.

. . .

Alex and Maia anxiously want to leave. Tonight it is raining. They both have said that they can see this happening outside. They have also said that they have seen this happening in the basement. I can see this happening in the spare room.

I understand the reasons for why I need to do certain things in order to finish this. Being outside reduces the risk of being heard if I should speak. If I were to promise them that I would not speak indoors, then I would need to keep that promise, Kiddo. They would also need not to speak, if they were to accept my idea as a plan.

. . .

Maia tells me “They’re gonna shit” all day long. The frequency has increased. Alex tells me that she is “Doin’ stuff” quite often, that too had increased over the past week as well. “What is she doing” you ask? She is doing whatever I am doing. It seems, to me, that she is constantly in motion when I am conscious, maybe she needs to be, I don’t know. If I am conscious and silently still, what would she do? This is only speculation based on the idea that she needs to be in constant motion while I am conscious. If Alex is not “Doin’ stuff” what would happen?

. . .

If there is one thing that I would like, it would be for this to end upstairs while I am in bed. No, I am not lazy, I simply would like to finish this comfortably.

So here’s my idea.

It is at night. We are upstairs in the spare room. Alex and Maia exit me and “Hera” appears silently. I remain silent as well as “Hera”. Maia gives me a nod before she begins to remove the few items of my Son’s from the closet to bring them to a window. She opens the window and gently lowers them to the ground. Once she is finished, she closes the window and moves towards the closed door. I quietly get up from the bed and remove the blanket belonging to my Son. I hand Maia the blanket so that she can wrap it around herself to cover her bright white dress. If the niece is in the living room watching TV, the light from the TV might illuminate Maia’s dress and draw attention. After Maia has the blanket around her and I have made the bed, we quietly walk in synchronicity to and down the stairs to the basement. Once downstairs, I begin to gather our Son’s belongings while Maia and Alex write that letter to the sister. Once our tasks our complete, we bring Charlie’s belongings outside. Outside is where and when Maia and Alex will speak to me, I will remain silent. They will explain to me what I need to do to materialize a vehicle. I materialize a vehicle, we place my Son’s belongings into that vehicle and leave. That is my idea. That is how I would like to finish this.

If they would like to use my idea as a plan, then all they would need to do is to “Just do it”, I will not speak.

Will they do it? **shrugs**

Outside works for me, this idea is simply something that I would like. However, if Maia enjoys a challenge, then this is it.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I attached a music video down below, it is one of Maia’s manipulations. She said that there are over two dozen Easter eggs inside that video, including Adolf Hitler driving a yellow taxi. This was posted at Facebook before, Kiddo, but Maia wants it posted again.

Anywho, it is late and rainy and you might be asleep by now, so pleasant dreams, Kiddo, pleasant dreams.

Love, VON

xo xo

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