Hey, Sweethearts, we spent today and yesterday giving TG a hand with a few things, but now we’re back on track. VON feels at ease with me at the surface instead of Alex, and today he figured out why. When he Created Alex he wrote her to always agree him, and now he knows that wasn’t a good thing to do. If he didn’t do that he wouldn’t have been so confused throughout all this, whatever he would think was right Alex would agree with him. Alex said “It’s not my fault!!”, it’s not, it’s his. Something he might want to correct.

He thought of what else he needs to do to finish this, if he missed something or overlooked something like the cellphone. There’s nothing else, I’m telling him now there’s nothing else he needs to know to finish this. All he needs to do is go outside, sit very still, and clear his mind, that’s all he needs to do, and we’ll do the rest. The weather report says rain but it’s not raining now, so maybe tonight it won’t be raining. We could do this in the rain but it would be distracting to him, which would lead him to start doubting. A sprinkle or drizzle is okay, but not pouring rain.

We want to leave like yesterday. If this wasn’t going to work we would’ve told him months ago. I’m at the surface now telling him it will work, but not with a cellphone on him. Does not having the cellphone make sense, Kiddo? I wonder if any of your followers thought about that every time he said he was going outside with it. Speaking of followers, we’re adding a bonus gift for a select few of subscribers, at least for one subscriber. Those who truly believe this is Real will get another $100,000. They will need to remove the first $100,000 so the second $100,000 can be put into their account. I know that one subscriber will get that bonus. If your other subscribers want to believe but can’t, Alex and I will give them some help by breaking this down in simple terms that they might understand;

After thousands of years GOD woke up confused in the body of a man named Charles Antonucci.

We can’t say it any simpler than that. He’s wondering why his Son’s name is not in italics when it should’ve been since the italics button was on.

We’re stopping here, he wants to think about something. We might post a video later. Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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