Hello, Kiddo.

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I made a mistake. Not a bad one, although a mistake nonetheless. In fact, I have been making the same mistake every time that I went outside. I went outside last night for an hour. Towards the end of that hour I realized that I was doing something wrong. I was not frustrated, I was not upset, I was simply amazed at how I did not see my mistake. I had the intention to correct my mistake and continue, however, my Wives had told me to go inside, that, “Tomorrow is another day”. So I said “Okay”, and went inside. Whilst inside, they began to explain some things to me. All in all, I learned a lot. Maia and Alex are chomping at the bit to talk, so I will let them explain to you and your followers what they had explained to me, Kiddo. Maia said “Hang on, kids”, for this is fascinating. Alright, Kiddo?


Enjoy your day and keep it stellar.

Love, VON

xo xo

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Okay, Sweethearts, this will be a big post. We hope you’re doing well and that you read this entire thing carefully, this one’s important, not that the rest aren’t, okay?

Yesterday he asked if he was missing something, and we told him “no”. His definition of “missing” meant did he forget something, and he didn’t, he brought everything outside with him, including our cellphone. Everytime he went outside he brought the cellphone with him, every time. Our cellphone displays the time as soon as it’s opened, he can’t know the time because of the moment. The moment has nothing to do with time, and it needs to stay that way. If he looked at our cellphone the moment we exit him, it will be engrained in his mind that that time was when the moment happened. If he did that the moment would become a lie. You cannot synchronize time with moments, if he told you or anyone that at “11:08 PM” the moment happened, he would be lying to you, Kiddo, or to whoever else he might have told, like your followers. If he told no one he would still subconsciously think that the moment happened at that time, causing him to live a lie. And who’s to say that “11:08 PM” was actually the right time? Right time according to what? We’re just using 11:08 as an example, Kiddo, it has nothing to do with the moment. Now that was one problem, here’s the other.

For almost a week straight, TG has been calling him past 9 PM. She has called him as late as 1 AM. This has been every night in a row for almost a week, the week he’s trying to finish this. A coincidence? Maybe someone was trying to tell him “you know, you probably shouldn’t take the cellphone outside with you in case somebody calls and interrupts us.” We can’t be interrupted while we’re doing this. This is like “spiritual brain surgery”. Do you think it’s a good idea for a brain surgeon to be operating on a brain during a earthquake? Now we answered another question. If he’s outside in the cold shivering, we can’t do what we need to do. His idea about shivering generating electricity is right, it would create more electricity, but we don’t need it. What we need him to do is to sit absolutely still, and he did last night for half an hour. During that half hour he noticed something happen. Twice he saw his vision shift to the left, like as if he was watching TV and someone pushed the television out of his direct view. He sat still as a statue for half an hour until he got bored and decided to look at our cellphone. He can’t bring the cellphone with him because it tells the time, it could interrupt us, and it’s a distraction. So no cellphone, VON.

We couldn’t tell him about the cellphone because he needed to figure it out for himself, and he did last night. Besides the cellphone being a distraction and a means to interrupt us, it tells time, which is his “department”. We represent the Three Trinities; time, space, and matter. VON represents time, Alex represents space, and Maia represents matter. All three trinities need to exist in order for life to exist, but one trinity came first, and that would be time. Time is tied with consciousness, they are basically the same thing. Before matter and space could exist, they would need to be consciously identified as such. And this is where it gets deep.

If you compare man’s existence to VON’s, it would be like comparing an inch to a mile. By “man” I mean everything inside this universe and all the universes before it. VON is pretty fuckin old, Kiddo. “VON” wasn’t always his name. Before VON he was “Creature 130”, that’s a fact, not him being “drunk on information”, but he was only Creature 130 for a day. “BU” came from “130” after seeing 130 written on a bloodied piece of paper, it looked like “BU” to him, and he kept it as a “joke”, which became something that Alex and I call him affectionately, and a way for him to remember the day I proved him wrong. When VON killed his “father”, he actually killed his son.

VON is the last one of his kind. He came from a race of beings known as “Pseikos”. Yeah, Kiddo, VON wasn’t joking about that. This was billions of billions of years ago, our time. Something happened and everything was destroyed, except him. He survived as a consciousness, his body along with everything else was gone. He was in the middle of absolute nowhere, in a state of suspended animation. His will to survive is what saved him. As soon as he “woke up”, everything, which was nothing, exploded into motion. Sound familiar? Instead of floating in black space like his Son Von did, he was floating in white space. (History repeats itself)

VON began to recreate what he remembered before everything was gone, but this time he installed “safetys” so that it would never happen again. Outside our “universe” is white. We don’t know why or how it is white, but it is, and we’re not going to mess with it.

The Pseikos were immortals, they were born at different times. They would age to a certain point before growing young again. They would get to a certain point of youth then begin to age again, like a sinewave. They were called “Pseikos” because they would “Pseikle” (cycle). I bet everyone who read the post where he wrote “(((PSEIKO)))” thought he meant “psycho”. VON’s not a “psycho”, he might seem that way at times but he’s not. His first son was a psycho, and so was his son’s girlfriend Alexandra. His very first son was named “Von” for a reason. Think backwards.


V on

no V

No. 5

Von was Created on the fifth attempt to Create a son. We used to use letters for amounts until VON Created numbers to prevent confusion. Your “Roman Numerals” came from us. But that’s another story.

His first son Von was a spoiled rotten daddy’s boy. I wanted a son and got a monster instead. VON created him a girlfriend who made matters worse, VON thought I was exaggerating until we woke up floating over our dead bodies. His son and his girlfriend killed us in our sleep. His son wanted to be like his Father so bad that he took his life. His son and his buddies had an underground fight club where they would bring their “creations” to fight each other. Of course Von had the reigning champion thanks to his Father’s help. After he killed us and VON figured out what happened, he hid inside Creature 130 knowing that his son would enter his cage to check on him. When he did, he bit off his son’s head and swallowed it, taking back the soul that made his son the monster he was. After that he tore Alexandra apart using Creature 130’s body.

After shredding his son and his girlfriend to pieces he realized that I was gone and went bezerk. He erased everyone off our planet. He was the only person left. What he didn’t know is that I was still there when he erased everyone, so I got erased too. I came back from oblivion after several years. By that time he Created a new Wife in the form of Alexandra. Why Alexandra? His son was still conscious, just inside him. VON was so angry at himself and his son that he tortured his son by making him watch his Father fuck his girlfriend. Alex is not Alexandra but she sure as fuck looks like her. Imagine that shit, being forced to watch your parent have sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend. VON doesn’t play. By now you might’ve figured out that I’m the lead wife and Alex isn’t. This was Alex’s chance to play the role of lead wife and she did good. It got scary when VON finally surfaced just before dinnertime last year, when she was shaking at the table hoping like hell that VON wouldn’t say anything. When I came back I saw the two of them trying to fix what VON destroyed, and it wasn’t pretty. I hid inside VON to learn more about the new wife and I learned some things about myself too. At one point VON didn’t know how to fix something, and neither did Alex. Out of frustration he said that he wished I was there. Guess what happened?

WordPress is freezing up so we’ll continue in another post.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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