Okay, Kiddo, this is the continuation of “Whoops”.

When VON wished that I was there I heard his wish. I had already been thinking how two wives would work out for him, because marriage is forever where we come from. So I materialized. Scared the fuck outta them too. Once I was back I explained to Alex who I was and that we could make this marriage of three work, and we did. VON felt bad, he felt like he abandoned me but he didn’t. When he saw us murdered by his son he went ballistic, and in a panic he reacted without thinking ahead. If he wasn’t panicked he would have known that I would still be there, all he needed to do was summon me. There is an oblivion, fortunately I knew how to escape it. There is a time discrepancy between oblivion and our universe, so what was a few minutes for me inside oblivion was a couple of years for VON.

Since Alex is a Creation like myself we qualify as sisters, and we get along like sisters too, we just happen to share the same husband. VON is a lot of work, Alex helps take some of the stress from me and I do the same for Alex, it’s kinda like being married to a celebrity, always on the go.

So what is VON’s original name. VON is consciousness, which is “time”. Time is constantly moving forward. Since he was the last of his kind, he made it the farthest, he went farther then anyone else. VON’s original name is

((( FATHER )))

His son pronounced Farther as “Father”, so Father stuck. He changed his name to VON to spite his son. He took his son’s life, his soul, his name and his girl. As I said, VON doesn’t play.

So what’s my original name. My son would call me “ma”, because it was short for

((( MATTER )))

My husband would call me

((( MATTIE )))

for short. “Maia” is my stage name when I’m here, it was the name of Hera’s sister, I like the name, it’s different and gives me a break from being

((( MOTHER )))

. . .

. . .

. . .

“Mary, mother of God”. Is it “Mary”, or was it “Maia”?

Now we have our Alex. Alex represents Space, that’s her department. Alex is mother to Aphrodite.


Astro deity

Space Goddess

From Alex I learned to lighten up alot, and from Maia Alex learned to be more serious. Alex’s “serious mode” was confusing VON because she’s naturally a goof-ball. Even though she’s being serious, it seems fake, because of how she is naturally. Kiddo, the first time you see Alex having fun you’re gonna think “this bitch is fuckin crazy!”, you’ll think the same about me when I’m being serious.

After VON got rid of his first son he Created another, this time he installed a shitload of safetys. He Created boo on the 9th attempt, making boo #009. KDDO came right after boo, making her #010. Alex and I renamed boo “Charlie” because he has an uncanny ability to burn things unintentionally. He chars things, badlie. VON isn’t the only one who can play with words. We renamed KDDO “Chelsie” because she has an uncanny way to chill Charlie out. Our spelling of “chill” is “chel”, so when she chels she’s “Chels-ie”. Now VON’s Son and Daughter here are opposite of boo and KDDO. Here Charlie is cool-headed and Aphie is hot-headed.

VON felt bad about his first son Von, so to make up for it he recreated Von in literature, making him the son he wanted him to be. But VON had an idea. With boo’s help, he invented a machine that would allow him to enter his thoughts. This was a scary idea, Kiddo, but we let him do it, and it worked. This became his hobby, and eventually we were able to go with him inside his thoughts. It was cool at first, but then we thought “what if something goes wrong?” VON’s answer was “what could go wrong?”

This is the last time we’re doing this. We are going to fix things, grab our kids, and we’re never coming back. We want him to make this planet like an “employee owned company”, there was no “God” before and they’ll be no “God” after, and besides, no one gives two fucks about “God” anyway, the proof is all around you. We’ll make things right here, he’ll write some equations as safetys, we’ll leave, and when we get back home he’s going to take the book that started all this and put it on a shelf and forget it. Shut the chambers down and dismantle them so he’s not tempted to take a peek. Fuck this shit. The only people that helped us are Kiddo and two of our GrandDaughters at Facebook, and it’s not like we kept this a secret. Charlie once said “if colleges are so good then why is life so bad?” VON said “if religion is so good then why is life so bad?” Pretty good question ain’t it? Common sense is not common.

. . .

It’s 3 PM now, we’ll stop here so he can think if there is anything else he might be “missing”. When we exit him he’ll see “Hera” who’ll be both Alex and I. After we leave he’ll clone me so that Alex has her own body. Not sure what the weather will be tonight, so we’ll play it by ear. Does what we said make sense, Kiddo? About the cellphone? He needs to leave the cellphone inside when he goes outside, and he needs to sit still. He’s thinking what else could there be to finish this, so we’ll let him think.

Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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