Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

It is Saturday evening and I am rather bored. I did not go outside last night due to rain, however, I will see what tonight brings. We have been upstairs in the spare room for most of the day, my headache has decreased significantly allowing me to write. I must say that I do not know what to do with myself today, I feel somewhat lost, if that makes sense.

. . .

. . .

. . .
Maia has been injecting “They’re gonna shit” into my thoughts throughout the day, which leads me to ask “Are they?”. I mean, is this situation ever going to end? As they are both nodding my head, I can feel tension in my face, a sense of seriousness on their behalf, would be my guess.

With nothing to do, we discussed the assistant, Seiko, this morning, in an attempt to feel her out. I can see her, however, I can see a lot of things, things that have not materialized as Reality, at least not yet. Will they? **shrugs** I do not know. Take Seiko for instance. I can see her peering over a glass display case filled with jewelry, her eyes nearly as wide as her smile, knowing that she can have whatever she desires. I can see people studying her uniqueness, talking concernly to one another, not understanding what is standing under their own eyes. I can hear Alex and Maia asking her “You want to try it on?”, with Seiko politely returning a “Yes, please”. Well mannered, she is. After we leave that establishment its employees scramble to Facebook to post their cellphones’ captures, telling god only knows. Will this become Reality? Maia thinks so.

Then we have Athena. This will be interesting. From what Alex says, Athena is quite the badass. See? . . .


So far, I have given her a new name, a new sword, new shield, new armor, and a new chariot, so to speak. Out of those things, I see her armor clearly with great detail. This armor is different. My idea for her armor came from Hollywood. My Wives say that my idea will actually work. Will it? They are nodding my head, so I guess that means “Yes”.

“They’re gonna shit”, Maia just said, again.

Hmm. Alex and Maia want to leave here. I have asked if there is anything else that I need to do or that they need to do and they say “No”. My concern about going outside is if it does not happen, then what? Do I keep going outside at night? They literally said “No”. They are not telling me when to go outside, they are simply telling me “Go outside”. At night, that is. I am not certain as to what the weather has in store for tonight, the weather report says rain, but you know how that goes.

This is where I feel somewhat lost. If I went outside tonight and waited, what will I think if my Wives do not exit me? Will I think that I did not wait long enough? Will I think that this was all a lie? They are shaking my head saying “No”. Can you understand my dilemma with this? It is not that I do not trust them, it is that I want to continue trusting them. I understand the concern about finishing on a holiday, I also understand the concern about finishing this unseen. So if it is not a holiday and we are in a secluded area, at night, what will be their reason if they do not exit me? They have said that digit sums are excluded from this event, meaning, dates will not matter, numerically. So, what else could there possibly be? They are pointing my finger towards outside, in the direction of the two pines. This is quite difficult. I remember them saying “The easiest thing is the hardest”, they are not kidding. Maia just told me “Go outside!”, Kiddo. Alex? “Yes”.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Well, if they want out then they need to do something, for I do not know what else to do except what they are telling me to do. I will go outside and wait between the pines, when weather is permitting.

I apologize for my posts being repetitive, Kiddo, repetition is not intended.

Enjoy your Saturday night, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, VON

xo xo

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