A Tax

Hey, Sweethearts, he’s feeling a bit better so we’re going to tell a little about our plans. His head hurts because of something other than not eating or drinking, we’ve been making him eat and drink because he doesn’t need to starve to death, but being weak will help us. But for now we want to share something interesting.

Back in 2015 Daddio came up with a new type of government and economic system. We don’t have a name for either one but we’ll call the new government the “admin” for now. We don’t have names because Charlie never named them, but its okay, he’ll name them after he’s back.

Charlie’s systems will only work with VON’s help, and VON needs Charlie so he knows what to do.

Things will change. At first it will be scary as fuck. But once people see what we’re doing is good, then it won’t be so scary. Right now the American worker has 35% of the paycheck taken out for federal and state taxes. Federal tax does not go to the government, it goes to the federal reserve as payment for the money the federal reserve prints for this country. It doesn’t go to anything else like building bridges or fixing roads, that’s what state tax is for. We’re doing away with that and replacing it with a “flat tax”. That flat tax will be used for the things that people think it is being used for like road repair, environmental maintenance, and admin employee salaries. Right now we’re thinking 30% of the average American’s paycheck. If we can go lower we will, but right now it’s 30%. After VON erases all military, the military budget will go to free healthcare. Charlie was paying almost $80 per week for health insurance and he never used it. The family plan at that job was over $200 per week, that’s fuckin insane. If someone made $18 per hour and worked 40 hours their gross income for that week would be $720. Not bad. After taxes, their paycheck would be $468. If they have the family plan, they would bring home $268. After travel expenses for the week, they might have $220 to pay bills and buy food. $18 per hour isn’t bad, Kiddo, but after taxes and health insurance it isn’t enough to support a family. So with a 30% flat tax and no health insurance costs, that same person will bring home $504 versus $268. Big difference, huh? That’s for the average employee, not for the employers, they will pay a different more substantial tax based on their level of success. In other words, the little “ma and pa store” won’t be taxed nearly as much as a company like Ford or Google. We want the little businesses to have the means to grow if they are successful, they can’t grow if they’re getting taxed to death. If they want to remain a small business then that’s fine too, but at least they will have the chance if they want it. This is not socialism but it does use some of its structure. Small business owners get screwed with socialism, and the big business owners don’t want to give up their money. If caps were put on the amount of money business owners could keep according to their level of success and not on a set amount of profit Daddio’s idea would work great after VON rewrites everyone. Its the greedy people that don’t want to give up their money, who the fuck needs $500 billion dollars in the bank? That shit is gonna change. VON likes the concept of “Robin Hood”, take from the rich and give to the poor. VON wants to play Robin Hood. That’s how the subscribers will get their $100,000, after VON erases a few unnecessary and evil people he’ll take their money and put it to good use, and that’s where Seiko comes in. I figured out that there’s at least 2 quadrillion dollars owned between a dozen evil motherfuckers who’ll be leaving, and since they can’t take it with them why not use that money to help people? We don’t need their money, but other people do.

. . .

VON wants to change the calendar back to ten months, which it once was, and change the Earth’s orbit to 360 days instead of 365 days. He also wants to change the week back to 6 days per week, which it also once was, the Caesar family added Sunday as they added January and February, March was once the first month of the new year, that’s a fact. Instead of people working 5 days a week they’ll be working 4 days. He wants to change the 40 hour work week to a 24 hour work week, so instead of an 8 hour day it’ll be a 6 hour day. If your thinking people will lose a chunk of their income, they won’t.

40 hours x 4 weeks = 160 work hours per month.

24 hours x 6 weeks = 144 work hours per month.

The difference is 16 hours per month.

(Remember, health insurance will be 100% free)

16 hours x $18 per hour = $288 less per month.

$200 health insurance per week x 4 weeks = $800 health insurance per month.

$288 less per month vs. $800 less per month. You would have more money by working less hours, and have more time for you and your family.

So far we have free healthcare. Next is electricity. The average person’s electric bill will be covered by the flat tax and by business owners. People here need electricity to live, it’s not a luxury. People don’t “use” electricity, they borrow it. You turn on a lamp, electricity flows in, powers the lamp, then flows out. It is not used up or burned up, it is borrowed, or leased. Eventually we will replace all types of electricity generators with something new, something that is safe, clean, and reliable, unlike this nuclear power bullshit. You’d think people would have learned after 3 Mile Island. Oh, don’t get me started.

So now no more healthcare costs and no more electric bill, the electric will be covered by the flat tax and businesses. What else will be free?

Housing. We own this planet, not the banks, not the realtors, not the governments, but us. And we are not going to charge people to live here, we don’t need or want their money. Instead of mortgages and rents, a “property tax” will be paid through the flat tax, that property tax will pay a department within the admin to keep track of all residences, properties, and their current conditions. This will not be a free-for-all where people can play musical houses, there will be order to this. People who could never have their own home will be able to have their own house, they might be “leasing it”, but it would be theirs. By “leasing it” I mean that you can’t take it with you. If you own your house outright you still need to pay property tax, which is actually a “renters fee”. Don’t pay your property tax and the government will take your house even if it’s paid for. Nice, huh?

So if someone is paid $18 per hour, 24 hours per week, 60 weeks per year, then their yearly gross income would be $25,920.

$25,920 – 30% flat tax = $18,144 income per year after flat tax. Remember, health insurance and housing is free, and electric is covered under the flat tax.

$18,144 per year÷ 60 weeks = $302.40 per week take-home.

We’re not done yet.

$18 per hour x 40 hours per week = $720 per week.

$720 x 52 weeks =$37,440 yearly gross income.

$37,440 – 35% federal tax = $24,336 after federal tax.

$24,336 – $200 health insurance per week = $13,936 yearly income after federal tax and health insurance.

Hold on, we still have rent to pay.

We’ll put rent at $1,000 per month for 12 months.

$13,936 – $12,000 yearly rent cost = $1,936 income per year after federal tax, health insurance and rent.

$1,936 ÷ 12 months = $161.33 per month for travel expenses, electricity, food, water, clothes, copays, phone bill, cable bill, and whatever else. Lets go one step further.

$161.33 per month ÷ 4 weeks = $40.33 per week to live on.

If their health insurance was $80 per week, they would bring home $157.23 per week, before bills.

$302.40 per week vs. $40.33 per week.

$302.40 x 6 weeks per month = $1,814.40 per month take-home, Charlie’s idea.

$40.33 x 4 weeks per month = $161.32 per month take-home, their idea.

All this is based on Charlie’s idea, Kiddo. Charlie knew if a new source of money (new gold) could be Created, then his idea for a new economy would work. And it will. That’s what Charlie was doing all that time, designing a new infrastructure that would work with his Father’s help. That flat tax amount also depends on how many people are left, VON said “no higher than 30%”. If it isn’t enough to keep things flowing then him and Charlie will come up with a solution other than taxing the shit out of people. Also, it will be mandatory that all employees give more vacation time to their employees, everyone should be entitled to 4 weeks paid vacation per year. That’s not bad, Kiddo, a 24 hour work week plus 4 weeks paid vacation time, and they’ll have more money and more time to enjoy it. So what do you think?

$1,840.40 per month after working 144 hours,


$161.32 per month after working 160 hours?

Which would you prefer?

. . .

It’s getting late, we just wanted to show you and your followers some of Daddio’s ideas, and to show VON that his Son did all that work for a reason. This isn’t forever. This is the biggest thing that could ever happen to anyone, it takes a lot of time and a lot of patience to make sure he understands what will happen to him when Alex and I exit him. He’s ready, now it’s all in the timing. Okay, Kiddo?

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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