Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing good, we’re going to write a post to help him see the assistant, he sees her but he doesn’t think she’s possible, so we’re going to help him. He did fantastically with names for Athena and CJ which was necessary, and now he’s going to give a name to the assistant. He thinks we lost our minds, but we’re telling him she’s possible, he can Create her from scratch, even though she once existed as someone else.

But before we begin helping him, he realized just what this universe actually is, and that changed everything. We watched some videos where people said they think this universe is a computer simulation, like in the movie “The Matrix”. Not quite. This universe is a thought based on the reality from where we came, it is similar to our universe. This universe and everything in it is a “virtual reality”. Since VON is a living being and not a machine or a computer, it becomes an “Organic Virtual Reality”. Besides being who he is, he will have the ability to alter anything and everything inside this OVR as if he was in a video game, except he’s not playing the game, he’s redesigning it. He won’t see things like you or I would see them, they will look “animated” to him, like a picture on a 4K monitor.

Whenever TG gives us a gift, we use it to help him get used to how things will visually look to him and to get rid of any fear of the coming reality. The first time he got “high” everything looked and felt different, and it made him nervous. After half a dozen times that fear went away, we found this out two days ago when we kept him “high” for 24 hours straight. Once it wore off Alex and I knew he was ready. So now it’s been 21 hours since he ate any food. He had some water yesterday but none today, he did give me some coffee this morning which helped bring me to the surface, but tomorrow he won’t have any. We want out of here, Kiddo, his idea will help slow his mind down long enough for Alex to exit, being in a weakend state he won’t be nervous because he’ll be too exhausted to be excited. Sound good? It’s either that or we wait, and none of us want to wait, especially knowing we don’t need to. When he becomes too weak to barely move he’ll go outside. He’ll know when.

Now for his personal assistant. All of us are going to be busy helping him fix everything, by “all of us” I mean Alex, Athena, CJ and me. There are two keys for this to be a success. One key is communication and the other key is keeping the big guy happy. If the four of us are busy communicating, who’s gonna keep him happy? He’s not one for talking on a phone, and besides, who would want him calling them? Can you imagine getting a phone call from the Creator? You’d be thinking “Oh shit, why’s he calling me?!”. Who would you rather get a call from, him or one of his wives? Exactly.

So while we’re tending to the things that are best done by us, he’ll have someone to assist him. She’ll be between a wife and a worker, she’ll be different. She’ll be like his pet. He doesn’t like the word “pet”, but it describes her pretty good. She’ll resemble a human being but she won’t be a human being, she will be a “one-of”, the only one of her kind. She’ll be no taller than 4’11”, athletic body, blue skin, silvery-white hair, blue eyes like a cat, and she’ll have an articulate catlike tail that will act as a third arm. She’ll weigh less than a hundred pounds but to him she’ll feel weightless since she’ll be a size zero in yoga pants, she’ll need to be flexible. She’ll have superhuman strength, speed and agility, and will know everything there is to know about computers. She will be devoted to her boss and passionate about her work. She will work around the clock if necessary, with great reward in return. Because VON won’t carry a cellphone she’ll need to, and she’ll need know what time it is whenever he asks, she’ll be like his “timepiece”. And because of that one detail and how crazy this will look, he decided to name her

. . .

. . .

. . .

(( (((SEIKO))) ))

. . .

. . .

. . .



. . .

This is going to be wild. I’m thinking after Alex and I have our own bodies he’ll Create her, because we need to do something with the internet and she’ll know how. The internet is going to change, but that’s another story.

“Seiko”. I see a 5,3,1 and a 0 in Seiko, a digit sum of 9, VON’s number. The K isn’t a number but it does have signifance. If we swap the zero out for an o then we’ll have “KO”, which also works because Seiko will be a “knockout”. Either way, her name works.

There’ll be so much work, Kiddo, he needs to fix everything. While he’s fixing everything our home will be in progress, and so will his Son and Daughter’s home too. Their castle will look like an inversion compared to ours, VON suggested making the building blocks for theirs out of black diamond. Their castle will consist of one tower inside a courtyard without any other towers or hallways. How cool would black diamond look? That’s something that could be drawn with CGI, to give an idea as to how it would look, especially with light shining through. I think at nighttime it would look pretty spooky from a distance, a black glow. I know what Charlie likes, and Alex knows what Aphie likes, if they went with that design they wouldn’t want interior walls, in fact they’d probably would want the floor and ceilings to be the same, black diamond. If so, they’re gonna need a few extra hands and a shit ton of Windex, maybe VON could give them some automatons to keep their place clean and sparkly. Oh he’s thinking, Kiddo, and that’s what we need, to keep his mind off of eating and drinking. His Son and Daughter’s castle can be made out of black diamond. Diamond is basically a clear stone, its chemical value is less than a ruby’s. Because man used gold, silver and diamonds as money, we can say that our home and his Son’s home will be made out of worthless material, like building a house out of scrap wood. This shit about “2 months salary” for a diamond engagement ring, what a scam. A diamond is worth about 10% of what it is sold for and that’s only because of the cuts. A diamond is more valuable as a tool than a ring, but TV says differently. So stupid. Two months salary could be a down payment on a home, or a new car, something that couples could actually use.

We’re going to stop here, he wants to take a shower while we can. When you read the title, did you think it meant “over”? It’s almost over. We’re going to keep his mind busy thinking about his Son’s castle so he doesn’t think about food and water. He’s done good so far, he was worried about the coffee this morning but coffee counteracts itself. No coffee tomorrow, no matter what.

Okay, Sweethearts, we’ll write when we can, enjoy your day, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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