Hello, Kiddo.

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I was going to write about our bank and our economic structure in this post, however, my Wives would like me to give more detail regarding our home. They insist that their project is possible, and that it will be done, so I will provide the “pre-plan” aspect of their venture as a way to show you that they put a lot of thought into this. Alex and Maia prefer that I start our home and that others finish it.

This morning we reviewed their project as a way to assure me that yes, it is possible. Is this project possible? Maia is nodding my head, telling “Yes”. Will this be done? Alex is nodding my head, also telling me “Yes”.


Oh how I hope they are right.

**collects thoughts**

. . .

. . .

. . .

Alright. Lets say that I materialize this castle, to the “halfway point”. It is now sitting in the Catskills, waiting to be completed. Before any people arrive to complete it, we will need several services on site. We will need a medical staff, a fire department, a food and beverage provider, and a bathroom provider. They will need to be there 24/7 for at least one year. We will need a source of electricity, so we will need many power generators and the fuel to power them. If there are 1,000 people working on our home at any given time then we will need at least 100 “porta-potties” all the time with a service to maintain them. This is to prevent Maia from “stepping in something” out in the woods, because if Maia steps in someone’s shit she’s gonna lose her shit.

Oh that Maia!

. . .

Maia needed to voice. Those service providers will need to be set up at each side of the castle, due to its size. If someone gets injured inside the northwest tower it would not be wise to have the medical staff located at the southeast tower one-half mile away. Imagine walking a mile to use the bathroom, Kiddo. Yes, that would be bad.

. . .

The materials. My Wives would like granite for the overall flooring, granite is durable, easy to maintain, and it is natural. Granite weighs 170 pounds per cubic foot. The tiles will be 3’x3′ and 6 inches thick, with a weight of 765 pounds each. The floor tiles will also be interlocking using a type of “dovetail joint” to lock them together. The steel subfloor will be 3″ thick. Since it will look perfectly flat from being drawn on a computer, the subfloor will be materialized as perfectly flat. There will be no flexibility in the subfloor due to the strength, size and design of the steel skeleton supporting it, this will allow the granite tiles to rest on the subfloor without the need of any adhesive material. Also, the sheer weight of the tiles and their interlocking design will not permit the tiles to move. The tiles will be within one-hundredth tolerance, meaning, the space between the tiles will be 1/100th of an inch. If the tiles were to be manufactured, the manufacturer would only need to produce a small amount of tiles, perhaps 100 of them, and all 100 tiles will need to be “perfect”. Those 100 tiles as a package could then be replicated, or, cloned.

(We will pay the manufacturer for every tile VON replicates, and that goes for anything else he replicates)

. . .

My Wives would like the hallway walls to be lined in cedar planking. I was concerned about the hallways smelling like a hamster cage, however, they had told me that there are different types of cedar, so I said “Okay”. The ceiling height that they would like is 30′. This morning I explained that if any of the perimeter walls are to be exposed, the block height would need to correspond with the ceiling height to avoid any horizontal seams to be seen, something that they do not want. So now the main blocks are 50′ long, 30′ high, and 20′ wide. These dimensions will give the blocks a volume of 30,000 cubic feet and a weight of 36,180,000 pounds each.

With the hallways being 2,640′ long and 30′ high, it will take 79,200 square feet of cedar planking to cover one hallway wall. If there are three levels of hallway, then there are 24 walls to be covered. It would take 1,900,800 square feet of cedar planking to cover every hallway wall. Cedar weighs about 25 pounds per cubic foot, so the total weight of all that cedar would be about 47,520,000 pounds, or, 23,760 tons. All the planks or boards used for the walls will also be interlocking, the wall pattern of the boards along with their weight will allow them to stay in place without the need of fastners or adhesive materials such as wood glue. The hallway ceilings will most likely be exposed, meaning, the steel skeleton will be able to be seen. The exposed sections of the skeleton will have a different finish than the sections that are not exposed, possibly plated with an alloy of my Wives’ choosing. This can be achieved by CGI and blueprint specifications.

The plumbing. All pipes will be of stainless steel, Maia says that “18/8 alloy” is the best grade of stainless steel. The pipes will need to be CGI as well, this will allow the pipes to be seamless with a much thicker wall. I have no idea as to how much pipe their project will require, I only know that the amount can be measured in linear miles. All the bathroom fixtures will also be of stainless steel, including the toilet bowls, sanitary and easy to clean. Porcelain and marble are pretty but they can break.

The water supplying our home will come from supply tanks, meaning, there will be no need for a well. If the water supply tank was full once it could be full again, the same applies for the indoor septic tank contained on the utilities floor, if it was empty once it can be empty again. Our home will be self-contained and self-sufficient.

The wiring. The wire will either be manufactured or Created by using CGI. The wire itself will be of gold, for its super-conductivity. The insulation covering the wire will need to be something other than plastic, perhaps silicone will suffice, the reason is that plastic will eventually deteriorate, it will dry out, harden and crack. The contacts inside the light switches and electrical outlets will also be made of gold. The wiring will need to be replicated, for there will be miles of wiring.

Completion of our home will need to begin on the utilities floor and at the top floors of the towers, working its way towards the center floor. The courtyard will be its own entity due to its size. The soil will need to be immaculate, devoid of any parasites. Maia had said “Miracle Grow” for the soil, I said in return “Are you serious?”. If the soil depth of the courtyard was 15′, it would take 104,544,000 cubic feet of . . . “Miracle Grow” soil to achieve that goal. “Miracle Grow” . . . **smh**

At 40 pounds per cubic foot of soil, that volume of soil would weigh 4,181,760 pounds, or, 2,090,880 tons. Of “Miracle Grow”. Since Mother Nature is the expert gardener, she will know the particulars to what the courtyard will need to be the ultimate garden. While people are completing our home, there will be people inside the courtyard emptying tens of thousands of bags of “Miracle Grow” soil.

Extending over the courtyard will be an arched bridge. The bridge will connect the front top hallway to the rear top hallway. For the material I had suggested titanium, Alex and Maia liked my suggestion. Titanium is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and very strong. The bridge will be aesthetically pleasing with its ornate yet functional design towering over Maia’s garden. The bridge would need to be drawn on a computer as part of the skeleton, even though it will be of a different material.

. . .

Something odd just happened. I knew that we would be eating Easter dinner, however, I did not expect to be eating at 2PM. I guess that my idea begins now. “But I digress”.

Maia said that the courtyard will also be a, “man-cave for us girls”, a getaway, if you will. “Us girls” meaning “No VON allowed”, Kiddo.

VON – 😞

Actually I am invited, I simply feel that it would be good for Maia, Alex and the other females in our family to have a hideout where they can relax and enjoy themselves without being bothered by anyone including myself. I myself will have my little workshop, where I can . . . do things.

Alex and Maia – 😦😦

VON – 😈

Just kidding. Although I will have a place where I can tinker with things, for I am a most curious being.

So that was some more information on our home. I still think that it will take more than one year to complete it, but if that’s what the wives want then its okay.

Oh that Alex, always having the last word, Kiddo. I will work on the “bank post” this afternoon, for it is important. I will have help writing it from my Wives, since they are the ones who told me about this planet’s financial situation. Oh yes, the situation is worse than people know. In the meantime enjoy your Sunday, Kiddo, be safe and keep it most stellar.

Love, VON

xo xo

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