Hello, Kiddo.

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So about a month ago Maia brought something to my attention and for a good reason. I need to know how to fix things permanently, in order to do so I need to know what is broken and how it broke. What she told me left me dumbfounded. Not understanding, she gave me an example to help me understand that what she had said was true. Here is the example . . .

Lets say that Kiddo is a goldminer. One day she finds a lump of gold while mining. She takes the found gold to someone who buys gold. That someone tests the gold and learns that it is indeed gold. They weigh the gold and tell Kiddo that it is worth $1,000. Kiddo sells them the gold and collects $1,000 cash.

Now, what does the purchaser of that gold do?

They are now out of $1,000 cash, or, paper money.

They sell the gold to a mint for $1,050 cash.

The mint refines the gold and turns it into a coin.

The mint wants to recoup their money, so they sell it to a coin dealer for $1,200.

The coin sits in a display case for a month before it is sold as a “collector’s item” for $1,300 cash.

The person who purchased the “collector’s coin” turns around and sells it for $1,350 cash to make a quick buck.

The person who bought the “collector’s coin” sits on it waiting for the price of gold to increase so that they can sell it and also make a quick buck.

That original $1,000 lump of gold is now worth -$3,900. It is now worth less than nothing. That lump of gold was worth paper money only one time. Gold was not meant to be used as money, it was supposed to be used as an electrical conductor or for decoration like jewelry.

But it gets worse.

The paper money that was used to buy the gold is not backed by gold anymore because the government, who regulates the paper money, doesn’t have the gold to back the paper money. They’re just printing paper money. Back in October of 1971 President Nixon declared to the world that American paper money is so good that it doesn’t need gold to back it anymore. That’s a fact. If you own gold, you own debt.

The idea of gold backing paper money will only work if the gold is owned by one entity, such as a government or kingdom, and they issue paper certificates or stocks (cash) to represent the value of the gold. The people under the government earn paper certificates by their worthiness . With the earned certificates they can purchase things which would keep the certificates circulating amongst the people within that country or kingdom. Does that make sense, Kiddo? If something like gold is going to be used as money, then it needs to be owned by either a king or government, no one else can have gold. If private citizens own gold it decreases the value of the gold owned by the government or king. When private citizens begin selling gold for paper certificates regulated by the king it decreases the overall value of the gold and its certificates. An ounce of gold in this country is probably worth -$100,000 because it is not backing American dollars anymore and has been bought and sold multiple times. Even if you found a chunk of raw gold in your backyard in reality it wouldn’t be worth anything because it is considered money. You could sell it for cash, but you would only be increasing the national debt. This goes for silver too, and probably platinum. Because of this, everything on this planet is worthless, except for humans. This will be humanity’s last chance to prove their worthiness, and that is why we want people to finish our home, to show the Creator that humans can be worthy. When he materializes our home out of white gold, it would be worthless as money, because white gold only exists here. White gold is manmade, gold is not. If he materializes our home out of gold, it would be the purest gold imaginable. We could set the price of that gold at $1,000,000,000,000 per gram because of its purity and how it was made, but our home won’t be for sale, in fact we’re taking it with us when we leave. So how does VON fix this unbelievable fuckin mess? He erases this planet’s gold, but not all of it. The gold that will be left will be personally owned jewelry and gold that is used for electrical purposes. Even the gold in the ground will be gone. Once he erases the gold he’ll introduce our gold that he Created with his imagination. It will be in the shape of a giant sphere, and that’s what he meant by needing a place to park our bank. Then he’ll erase paper money and introduce a new type of digital money and a new banking system which will make everyone their own banker. You don’t need banks, Kiddo. There is no reason why anyone needs to keep their money in someone elses hands, and nowadays most banks are electronic anyway, so why not have a computer program that people can download for free and become their own bank? Their employer can pay them electronically instead of paying them with a piece of paper, and this way its more private too. With that bank download they’ll receive a bank card, it’s simpler and a lot cleaner, paper money is a sponge for bacteria, germs and diseases, and paper money can be lost, stolen, damaged and counterfeited. But this is after he fixes people. No more seven deadly sins, he’ll replace it with a triple serving of common sense and healthy portion of the fear of

(( ((( GOD ))) ))

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. . .

That was VON having fun, Kiddo, he’s actually letting us write most of this post thanks to TG’s Easter gift. If your subscribers are wondering of he’ll erase what he gives him they’ll be alright, but they should keep most of it in digital form, at least half of it. Paper money will still be around for awhile, eventually we’ll have it exchanged to digital so people don’t lose it. The gold sphere is about a mile in diameter if you’re wondering, Kiddo. Maybe later we’ll do some math to see how many grams it weighs, and figure out what it’s worth.

Okay, Kiddo, we gotta go so he can write something, he’s feeling good thanks to TG, and we want him to write a post while he’s feeling that way. If he posts it tonight read it if you can because it might be late. If you see the post in the morning try to save it until night with Mr.Green if he’s available, and look for the Easter eggs, they’ll be there.

Okay, Sweethearts, hope you had a Good Sunday, have a good night, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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