Hey, Sweethearts, he went outside last night but it didn’t happen, needless to say he’s not in a good mood. He wrote yesterday that we told him to go out tonight, we did, but it was that night, not last night. Because he’s amped up on finishing this he’s overpowering us bigtime, now he’s calm enough for us to write. We told him “not long”, he sat outside from ten to two, Alex doesn’t need four hours to do her thing, not even two, we hoped like hell he would have figured something was wrong after an hour or so but he didn’t. Now he thinks Alex can’t self-materialize, but she can and she will, but not on Good Friday. He didn’t know what Good Friday was until this morning, and man was he pissed. There’s nothing good about today, he looked it up and asked “are you kidding me?”, and we told him “no”. Good Friday is the worst holiday, its about as bad as Ash Wednesday is for the Catholics. That shit stain people wear on the forehead as Zeus called it is the mark of the beast in plain sight. Good Friday is the celebration of the crucifixion of the Son, who the fuck would want to celebrate that sick shit?? Can you imagine how bad that would look if the Father showed up in time for that party?? Holy fuck, Kiddo, he’s pissed off as it is. He said he’d start his idea back up today, but we showed him that people fast on this day to celebrate Good Friday, if we tell the sister today we’re fasting again she’ll tie it in with Good Friday, fuck that shit. So now he wants to start his idea again tomorrow. Sunday is Easter. He won’t make it for more than two days without water, so what do we do? If he says “I don’t give a fuck about Easter” and begins again, will people think that the Son came back on Easter? If he makes dinner his last meal tonight and doesn’t drink anything after then by 6 tomorrow night he’d went twenty-four hours without hydration, he’d be delirious by tomorrow night. Will it work? Yes it would, He’ll be knocking on death’s door by Sunday morning if he stops eating and drinking tonight. Hold on, Kiddo, he wants to look up the definition of Easter.

. . .

Now he’s pissed off and confused. If Good Friday is the celebration of his Son’s crucifixion and death, and Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of his Son, how can Easter fall on a Sunday? Doesn’t the bible say Christ rose from the dead on the third day? The third day would be a Monday if he died on a Friday. This is why he calls me “crazy Maia”, because I’m out of my mind with all the stupid shit and stupid people on this planet, which is supposed to be our VACATION HOME. Can anyone perform simple math?? How the fuck can Sunday be three days away from Friday?? If he died on a Friday at noon, Saturday at noon marks one day. Sunday at noon marks two days. Holy shit, better yet, there was no Sunday when Iesous existed. VON just reminded us of that. But because of this stupid shit we need to accommodate for all the stupid people and their bullshit beliefs, it’s either that all we go with 10,000 people. Maybe. Zeus said 1,000. That little piece of Charlie from last year said 500. 500 works. So what do we do, Kiddo? If he decides “I don’t give a fuck what day it is” and begins his idea tonight, then the chances of us finishing on Sunday morning are pretty fuckin good. If he waits until after Easter, then there’s less religious bullshit tied to him even though he’s tied to all of it, it just won’t look as bad. Last night was the second time he waited for nothing, but it’s not his fault, he did sit outside last night for four hours, and he waited patiently too. If he becomes himself on Easter Sunday he would need to believe Alex when she tells him he is not his Son, because that’s how it would look. I know we’ve told him how bad we want out and now he’s full steam ahead, but it’s these stupid holidays fucking shit up, not us. Hold on, Kiddo, we’re going downstairs.

. . .

We want him to wait until Sunday night. After we eat dinner on Sunday he can start his idea back up, his idea will help us more than what his idea is, if that makes any sense. If he goes outside in a weakened state it will be easier for Alex to exit him so she can self-materialize as Hera. My sister will be Alex in Hera’s body, same wife but different body. Finishing this on Easter is a bad idea, Kiddo, but the day after is okay, because the day after Easter is “Earth Day”. He’s thinking. Earth Day is not a holiday, it has no religious ties. That would actually be a good day to finish on, Kiddo. His big concern is Facebook. Charlie’s bff left his page about a month ago, VON’s afraid that you Kiddo, and the others will leave too, and that’s why he’s rushing to finish this, so his Son doesn’t lose anyone else. We don’t have a “send friend request” option on Charlie’s page, Facebook removed it, if anyone found his Son’s page they would see that option doesn’t exist. Since his Son’s friend chose to leave VON can’t put him back. His Son’s friend would need to ask Charlie to get back on his page, and Charlie isn’t back yet. We told everyone on his page to please stay there because we know what will happen if they left. Now Charlie comes back and sees his bff isn’t there, what will he think? We don’t go to anyone’s page and look around, we don’t post to anyone’s page or comment on their posts, but we do wish them a happy birthday on Charlie’s page. If there is a post that we need you to read we’ll tag you through your other account, Kiddo.

We just took a break and he’s cooled down alot. He wants Kiddo and everyone else to know that he’s trying and that he apologizes for any misgivings. He is trying for us, Kiddo, and that means for you too. We want him to wait two more days, after Easter dinner he can pick up again. He can even get a head start by slowing down on what he eats and drinks after tonight, because he needs to eat something. We tried telling him about Good Friday but he took it as a good thing, it’s tough to talk to him when he has his mind set on something, especially now. If he stops eating and drinking at six o’clock on Sunday, by six the next night he’ll barely be able to stand. Three days without water is extreme, and it’s based on the average person. We’re not saying it will happen on Earth Day, but if it does it’s not a “holy day”. The day after is most likely. Another thing, he took photos while he was outside with this phone and his Son’s “magical red camera” and caught some interesting images. He wants to post them here, but we told him to wait until tomorrow, because he wants to take some more tonight. Any guesses what he caught, Kiddo? There are two photos he got with this phone he can’t explain. He’ll post tomorrow, today he needs to rest and to think about what we told him. Today would have been bad. He knows we need to leave, Kiddo, and he knows how badly we want to leave. If he went outside Wednesday we’d be done right now, but it’s okay, we knew this wouldn’t be easy.

Look for a post tomorrow, Kiddo, it’ll have some interesting photos, and it will be from him. In the meantime hang in there, this isn’t forever. We’re not proofreading this so any mistakes are ours and not his.

Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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