Hey, Sweethearts. We found out this morning that his idea will work, but it will work too well. He didn’t eat or drink anything last night, he woke up at five this morning with a pounding headache and was very weak. By nine this morning his headache got worse and could barely stand. It took an hour to get him downstairs so he could take some Advil. After he took some advil it took almost another hour to get him back upstairs and into bed. He fell back asleep about ten thirty and woke up at one. We told him that he doesn’t need to starve himself, all he needs to do is go outside. We managed to feed him a peanut butter sandwich and a coke after he woke up and told him his idea will work but only if we time it right. He thought four days but now we think he wouldn’t make it for thirty six hours. It was pretty bad, Kiddo, if he made it to nine o’clock tonight he wouldn’t have had the strength to walk outside, it was that bad. His idea will definitely work if we time it right, but it will be a lot EASIER if he just goes outside. The weather says it will be forty nine degrees for the overnight, that’s fine, it doesn’t need to be freezing out, in fact it could be a hundred degrees out, it won’t matter as long as he goes outside. The benefit of him being physically weak is that he’d be calm. We want out of here by Sunday morning, we don’t have anything to give the sister in turn for staying here, it was uncomfortable before, how bad will it be now? He felt bad about eating anything, he’ll feel worse knowing we’re unable to contribute. He said that he would try our idea first before trying his idea, the bad news we got yesterday put him in a panic, which is understandable, and we went along with his idea to calm him down. But he doesn’t need to starve, all he needs to do is go outside. It’s that simple. We now have a legitimate emergency that he didn’t cause. He knows we want out. He wants out. He knows we can’t stay here. Hold on a minute, Kiddo, we’re going downstairs.

. . .

The grandson’s here, but that’s okay, he’ll be a distraction for the sister. He can go outside as early as eight o’clock tonight, he won’t be waiting long. My sister and I have a plan for everything afterwards, so he has nothing to worry about. He doesn’t need to do anything but wait outside, my sister does it all. We see it happening outside, but we can’t hear it happening outside. We don’t think Hera’s entry will make a sound, but if it does it’s best to be outside just in case. It would be hard for him to refrain from speaking when he sees my sister, that’s only natural, but his voice is pretty far from natural. If we get the sister’s attention he’ll need to do exactly what my sister tells him to do to avoid a very awkward encounter. We want to be able to leave here within fifteen minutes after Alex appears, we don’t want to explain anything to anyone, we just want to leave.

We have an idea that could help us with getting him outside. Kiddo should have our number, if not it’s posted on Daddio’s Facebook page. If Kiddo sent a text saying “go outside” it will mean something to him because of who it came from. Kiddo would need to send that text tonight if she decides to. It can be sent from any phone, it can also be sent privately where we can’t see the number of the phone it came from. That would be a big help, Kiddo. If for whatever reason we don’t get a text saying “go outside” from Kiddo it’s okay. If he doesn’t get that text and if he doesn’t go outside tonight then we just might post our number here and ask for someone to send him that text. If it comes to that, whoever sends that text sends only “go outside” and nothing else. He needs encouragement. He’s basically by himself trying to do what seems impossible to him. We don’t want or need anyone’s cell number, we won’t text or call Kiddo back if she sends him that text, and the same applies to anyone from here. If we post our number here, it is a one time deal. We will put $100,000 in the checking accounts of every subscriber, that hasn’t changed and it won’t change. What will we give to the subscriber or subscribers who sends a text saying “go outside”? Maybe an extra $100,000? How will we know who sent the text? An equation will know. We’ll write an equation for VON and read it to him, the equation might read “VON, put $100,000 into the checking accounts belonging to the people who sent that text”. He’ll agree by saying “Done”, then he snaps his fingers and it’s done. It’s that easy. But he needs to be himself, and that’s what we’re trying to do. The other thing we could do is post our email address, if Kiddo doesn’t send that text tonight. We’re getting desperate, we need him to go outside, it’s not a trick, Alex will self-materialize in the body of Hera but he needs to go outside. His idea will work but going outside is easier and less painful. Holy shit that kid upstairs is fucking noisy.

Go outside, VON. Please. We can leave here right after. Please go outside.

Hold on, Kiddo.

. . .

It’s 6:30 now, we’re going to stop here so we can post this to Facebook before it gets late. If you can send that text to us tonight, Kiddo, it would help a lot, if you can’t it’s okay. We’re still in finishing mode, that hasn’t changed, we only took a break to show him he doesn’t need to starve himself, we already have an emergency, now he could use some encouragement.

We’ll keep you posted, Kiddo. Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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