It Began

We got some good news, Kiddo, because we were given some bad news today. We have a legitimate emergency. But first the chain of events.

We received a call from our case worker yesterday about a home visit today, so he thought everything was okay with our benefits. She showed up about one and told us that our case was canceled on April first but was reactivated about a week ago. The problem is there is a 45 day wait until we get our benefits. She also said that we should be receiving forms in the mail that we need to have filled out by the doctor we are supposed to see once a month and mail them back to DSS by the fifth of every month. After she left we went downstairs and VON began thinking of what to tell the sister since we give her that money from DSS for staying here. He also thought of what to tell her if we used his idea. His idea will work too.

While we were “rehearsing” what to say, we get a phone call from the doctor’s office saying that our appointment this Friday was canceled and was rescheduled for May 9th. That conflicts with the due date of those forms we need to mail in. Now he’s thinking like a freight train on what to tell the sister. And he came up with something. And maybe Maia helped him with the sister.

We went upstairs and we told her what we are going to do, and she understood and was okay with it. What’s his plan? Total starvation.

A person can live up to three weeks without food, three days without water, and three minutes without air. Those limits are extreme amounts, three minutes without air is a long time, Kiddo. His body won’t make four days without water, he thinks maybe four days, so we told the sister that we won’t be eating or drinking anything for about four days. I can’t see four days, maybe three. He will eventually become very weak after two days. When he feels it’s right he’ll go outside. He’s putting both our ideas together to guarantee success. His body will die if he doesn’t drink anything, but he’s not going to die. The good thing about this is his mind will slow down enough for Alex to easily exit him, he’ll be so weak all he’ll be able to do is sit when he goes outside, and it won’t be long after that. This is the best way he can show us he’s ready. Alex and I are in a good mood because we can feel he’s serious about ending this. He spent two days trying to come up with something to tell the sister, and today he had a legitimate reason to back his idea.

So what do you think, Kiddo? Will it take four days? I think no more than three. Today’s Tuesday, the last time he ate was at noon and he had some water about an hour ago and it’s now five o’clock. He didn’t have much water so we’ll say he started at three o’clock today. Three days brings us to this Friday at three o’clock. Three days is a long time without hydration, and without food. I know he can do this, the hard part will be breaking the routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it’s only for a few days. We stashed an apple down here so when my sister materializes he’ll have something to eat right away, because he’s going to need it.

The funny part is he was going to try our idea first this week, but after the caseworker told us the bad news he basically said “fuck this” and worked double-time on what to tell the sister. Maia might have helped too.

So now we’re going to spend the night figuring how long this will take. He thinks four days but we think no more than three. He also thinks the sister will interrupt us but she won’t. Three days is a long time without hydration.

Okay, Sweethearts? We’ll keep you girls posted, in the meantime enjoy your night, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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