Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well. We made a deal with VON.

His idea will work even if the sister is here, but we want to avoid that. We would need to explain to the sister in advance what we’re doing and why, and to do so we would need to lie, which we don’t want to do. But! We want him to go with our idea first, which is to go outside. We told him if our idea doesn’t work then we’ll do his idea. Our idea will work, Kiddo, if he goes outside he’ll see that we were right. He won’t be outside for long, but we can’t give him an approximate length of time. All he needs to do is go outside, take a seat and wait. He can go outside early, like 9-10 o’clock, he doesn’t need to go out after the sister goes to bed, we’ll be safe. It doesn’t matter what the date is or the digit sum of the date, month and year, this is different.

The level of uncomfortability here has become unbearable. He lost interest in YouTube so we’re basically sitting around trying to convince him to go outside. He’s experienced several moments where he felt himself enough to go outside, but everytime it was in the morning. He can’t recall those moments enough for encouragement, so he needs to know that they did happen and that we confirmed those moments with emotion when they did. This shit ain’t easy, Athena.

Eventually the sister will ask questions, and we want to avoid that awkward situation. He needs to remember all the times we told him “we want out”, if we didn’t want out we wouldn’t be telling him to go outside. Make sense, Kiddo? Alex wants to say something.

Hey, Honey, the reason why this seems to be taking forever is because of the time difference between our world and here. One day of our time equals about a thousand years here. He began to wake up in May of 2015, so he’s only been awake for about an hour of our time, and that’s why I appear to be so patient during this, because I’m aware of the time difference. All he needs to do is go outside and wait for me, he won’t be waiting long. We can’t do this during the day because of interruptions. Going outside also gives me more spaces to choose from and more space for sound to travel if he should speak. I know for a fact the first time he says anything it’s going to be noticeably loud. He also needs to listen to me and do what I tell him so we can get out of here, he can communicate with me using the notepad we have for now. He’s realizing how bad we want to leave, we’re telling him how to get the three of us out of here. His idea would work but we would need to convince the sister that “Charlie” would be okay and we don’t want to go there, this has been bad enough. We want him to try our idea first, it will work as long as he waits patiently, he needs to be in a calm frame of mind with a good attitude, attitude is everything with this. He can go outside any night, but the sooner the better. Okay, Honey? Hopefully he’ll go outside tonight, because the sister will eventually ask what’s going on with “her brother”, and we don’t want to be in that situation. – Alex

Hold on, Sweethearts, we’re going downstairs.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

X = Yes

O = No

. . .

. . .

. . .

Are you certain, Alex? X

Is Maia also certain? X

My idea will work? X

Your idea will work? X

I simply go outside? X

Will it take long? O

. . .

Am I the Creator? X

Are you absolutely certain? X

Will I be able to bring back my Son? X

My Daughter as well? X

Will be able to materialize the home you want? X

Will I have all of my abilities? X

When you come out? X

Will you show me what to do? X

. . .

Are we running out of time here? X

Will Athena be promoted? X

Will I have the assistant we discussed? X

Will she be human? O

Will the color of her skin be light blue? X

. . .

Certain, both of you? X

. . .

. . .

. . .

Alright. I will turn this post over to Maia and Alex now. Have a good night, Kiddo, and keep it stellar.

Love, VON

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

We’re going to stop here, Kiddo, after he wrote we took a walk to Mobil and told him some things, and now he’s thinking about what we told him. I doubt he’ll go outside tonight, but he’s thinking “soon”. We told him what we did because we didn’t feel it with him going outside, which is okay. Tonight and tomorrow he’ll be thinking about what we told him, and he’ll have questions for us. Now he has a better understanding to why I say “they’re gonna shit” all the time.

(In theory, everything can be digitized.Alex)

We’ll write when we can, Kiddo, as for “when”, that is up to him. But we are all ready.

Okay, Sweethearts, have a good night, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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