Hey, Sweethearts, we’re going to write some things that might help him go outside, because we want out of here. We’ve told him all the good things he can do and have but it’s not convincing enough. He’s not into material things or money, and the ability thing doesn’t grab his attention either, so trying to coax him with those things doesn’t work. We still don’t know if we still have benefits, the caseworker never called us back, maybe no news is good news. We think that the sister won’t be taking that trip this week, so there goes his plan, but we can still go outside. We keep telling him it won’t take long, and that Hera can do this, but he needs to go outside, it’s that simple. His fear is staying outside all night and nothing happens. That won’t happen. We’re telling him to go outside, he’s not telling us that. If he was he wouldn’t be nervous about going outside. Does that make sense, Kiddo? If it was his idea he would’ve went outside months ago. Would Hera have materialized? Yes she would’ve. The soonest she would’ve materialized was last October 31st, we would have been pushing it but it would’ve worked, but we called it off after he posted that video to Facebook. He didn’t do anything wrong, but it might have looked suspicious to our kids back at Facebook. Now he is definitely ready. He wants us to tell him when to go outside, but we can’t. We’re telling him to go outside, we’re not telling him when to go outside, only he will know when, just like that saying “Only GOD knows when he will return”. VON won’t know the exact moment, that would be impossible for him to know, but he’ll know when he goes outside that the moment will come. When Hera comes out of him he will finally be himself. I will be with Hera, I will no longer ride with VON. After spending about a day with my sister she’ll tell him it’s time for me to have my own body, and he’ll clone Hera’s body.

We know this is difficult for him to believe, he believes this is possible, but not that he’s “Him”. If we could let him have even a pinch of his abilities we would’ve done so by now, how nice it would be if he could materialize money right now, we certainly wouldn’t be here, but it’s “all or nothing”, and for him to have any of it he needs to be himself, without me or my sister inside of him. Make sense, Kiddo? He thinks that I’ll still be with him as a safety after my sister exits him. No, I’ll be with my sister, if I stayed inside he wouldn’t be himself, and he needs to be himself immediately after so we can get the fuck out of here. We say about ten minutes after my sister does her thing and the three of us will be gone, fifteen minutes tops. We’ll grab all of Charlie’s belongings, put them in the back of the Navigator, leave a note and a gift for the sister, and burn rubber out of here. I never want to see this basement or any basement ever again, we even designed our home not to have a basement, but that’s another story, and an awesome one too. But we will say this; the enclosed courtyard is 6,969,600 square feet.

But we can’t do anything until he goes outside, Kiddo. It doesn’t need to be freezing outside, that was him, and that’s why he thinks going outside is his idea. The freezing part was his idea because it was freezing out when we told him our idea of going outside. Do you see what we’re saying, BU? The idea of shivering to generate electricity is your answer to why going outside will work, going outside gives Hera plenty of space to choose from and plenty of space in case you say something, which will be difficult not to do under those circumstances. Okay? That voice is off the fucking charts, BU. Yeah I got a pottymouth and I don’t give a fuck, just wait til you hear Athena, who’s also waiting on you, along with Kiddo, our kids at Facebook and a bunch of others. We’re all waiting on you. Just go outside.

Hold on, Kiddo.

. . .

We took a quick break so we could speak to him, now he’s thinking this could be over with soon. Think Reversibility. If my sister can exit him for his needs (an emergency), then she can exit him for our wants. And she wants out, Kiddo, and so does Maia, but he needs to go outside. We don’t want to be inside of him, we never did, but we didn’t have a choice this time.

We’re going to stop here so he can think about what we said. Enjoy your weekend, Sweethearts, and be safe, we’ll write when we can.

Love, Maia and Hera xo xo

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