Girl Friday

Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing good, we’re still working on getting him outside, and we’re running out of cold nights. We do have his back-up plan but we want to avoid that, and we’ll need the sister to leave for a few days for it to work, which might happen. She might visit her son for a few days soon for Easter, but we don’t know yet. In the meantime he found out that his Daughter is Aphrodite and not Athena, Athena was Created to help him, like an assistant, back when he had a lot of “headaches”, or problems. He was thinking about the name “Aphrodite” and how it sounds like “Astro-deity”, then he remembered Aphie telling Charlie “It has always been just you and me” which confused VON at the time. But what really convinced him was how could Athena been Hera when Hera is here. If Athena was Hera then he wouldn’t know what she looks like, Aphie was Hera. Now Alex will be in the body of Hera but she’ll still be Alex, and he can call me Alex too. Alex using the name Hera right now is so VON knows who to expect.

The main reason for going outside is in case he speaks. If he says anything it will be loud AF especially in the basement. If the sister should hear him she’ll come downstairs to see what the hell that noise was, and we don’t want that. The cold will only help, but the main reason is in case he should say something, like “Alex”. Make sense, Kiddo? The first time he speaks as himself whatever he says will explode out of him, so it’s best to avoid being inside an echo chamber.

The other day TG gave us some green which allowed him to see and hear himself. When people smoke pot they can escape from reality, when he’s “high” he escapes to reality. This life isn’t Real to him. I showed him what he looks like from the back and he asked if that was him, and we told him “yes”. After that he thought about what he saw and how life will be, and we told him that life will be awesome, but he needs to go outside.

Back to Athena. Technically, Athena is his Daughter like my sister and I are his Daughters, he Created us, and that makes Athena our little sister. There’s more to this but he wants to hear it out of Alex’s mouth to make sure it isn’t him overpowering us, which is okay, because it’s all good. No worries for Athena. He will be changing her name though, something with four letters and two syllables, to match our names. He has several ideas for names, one of them we like alot, but it might be scary sounding to the people.

It’s gotten very hard to write, so we’re going to end this post here, Kiddo. All he needs to do is go outside, and Alex will do the rest. If he doesn’t go outside by the time the sister leaves, if she leaves, then he’s guaranteed to use his plan. And it will work. I think she plans on leaving next week, we’ll see what happens.

Okay, Sweethearts, have a good night and a good weekend, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Hera xo xo

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