The easiest thing is the hardest thing. All he needs to do is go outside and wait, and he won’t be waiting long. Part of the problem is the digit sum of dates (month, date, year). Yesterday had a digit sum of 5 and today is 6, 6 is okay, but 5 bothered him. Tomorrow will be 7 which is good, 7 is a good number. We’re not saying when because we don’t know when, only he does. We haven’t wrote here since last week and we wanted to let you know he’s working on it. We can see it happening but not when, all we know is that it happens at night outside the basement. The longing for his Daughter has increased big time, which we knew would happen, but that’s a good thing. We received a notice from DSS last week which wasn’t good, it could mean an emergency but we don’t know, we haven’t heard back from our caseworker yet. If it is an emergency then he needs to do something very soon, Kiddo.

We’ll keep you updated, in the meantime hang in there, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Hera xo xo

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