Hey, Sweethearts, we needed to abort yesterday, someone showed up at the house. This place is like an airport, VON is about to lose his mind after yesterday so now we need to start over. He wanted to go out this morning but we told him not to, he needs to resync himself first, but there’s always tonight after the sister goes to bed. He’s pissed at himself but it’s not his fault we were interrupted, I can’t help him focus and keep a lookout at the same time, if I knew the brother in law was gonna show I would have told VON to wait. I was going to post here last night but he was so pissed he wouldn’t let me. He thinks Kiddo thinks that he’s dicking around, and we told him “no”. This is why we needed his Son’s apartment, so we wouldn’t need to make plans around other people, there’s no privacy here. Going outside at night will work, but it’s getting him to say “fuck it” and just go outside. Yesterday was a nice day, he was going through the motions, and then a car pulls into the driveway and his frame of mind went out the window. He sat there asking “are you kidding me?”, so we told him to stop and we went inside. Today I’m out of smokes, I told him not to get anymore but he feels that he’ll be torturing me if he doesn’t, so if he gets more he’ll get only a pack and not a bag. I’m a nicotine junkie, Kiddo, you know how hard it is for me to tell him no when he’s putting his jacket on to go to Mobil? So if he gets anything, just a pack. We want him to stop because it’s making him sick, he’s been slowly taking over his body for the past two and a half months, and by going outside he will finish taking it over. Yesterday he noticed that he was joking about the cold without fully feeling it, but Hera was feeling it all. Hera doesn’t like the cold, or the dark, and that’s gonna help finish this. He feels bad that it didn’t happen yesterday, but it’s okay, I’m telling him dozens of times a day they’re gonna shit because Hera and I know how close he is to finishing. Not only do we see the moment we’ve been pushing it back for him, we’re all ready, now it’s up to him. We can finish this as soon as he wants to, we can’t do it for him, if we could we’d be done months ago, we want out of here, Kiddo, and so does he.

We’ll see what today brings, if all goes well maybe he’ll go out tonight after the sister goes to sleep. But he needs to go outside. Okay?

Have a good day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Hera xo xo

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