Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Today is Sunday, March 17th 2019, the time is 8:54 AM. It is now impossible for Charlie to return on his birthday. I went outside last night for awhile, however, something didn’t feel right. I am not certain as to what, it simply didn’t feel right. So now I am contemplating going outside this morning and staying outside until I either succumb to the elements or Hera appears in physical form. I am most tired and most unafraid. We have until tomorrow evening regarding privacy.

Hera insists that she can self-materialize, but we need to go outside for her to do so. Maybe it will be loud, like a crack of thunder, who knows.

Maia insists that I am not Charlie. Both Hera and Maia insist that I am the Creator. I guess we are going to find out, Kiddo.

Part of me wants to say “This must be Real”, meaning, that what Hera and Maia tell me is the truth, for what they have told me makes sense. However, I am having difficulty believing that I am in fact the Creator. Their explanation as to why I have no abilities also makes sense.


Maia is not pleased with how her Son was treated.

If I am Charlie, then she will not allow me to die, again. Death would only prove her Son wrong, and make him look like an idiot.

If I am not Charlie, then Maia will not allow me to die for I will be able to bring him back, if what they tell me is true. They are nodding my head “Yes”. “They’re gonna shit” said Maia just now. Kiddo, that is all that Maia has been saying for days now, I am serious, Kiddo, that is all she has been saying, “They’re gonna shit”. Kiddo! I am serious! I am! I am also hungry, maybe some cereal before I venture out into fate. Taking a quick break.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Alright, I feel better now. So it is now 10:09 AM and I think that I will go outside soon. I have more ambition in the morning, at nighttime not so much.

Hera and Maia had told me that my name was Zeus for taking over my Son when he was Zeus, hence his magnificent abilities, which were few, by the way. If my Son was not murdered when he was Iesous then my name would have been Iesous after I had taken over his body. Hera and Maia have told me that I will be able to transform my Son Charlie’s body into whom I actually am, VON. I had told them that I would be fine with this body, but they say otherwise. If I do not transform this body, then I would take my Son’s name. Instead of “Charlie” I would be

(((( CHARLES ))))

But Hera and Maia say otherwise. They insist on

(( ((( VON ))) ))

This is how I look at it. Neither Hera nor Maia have hurt me in any way. I have no memories before 7 years ago. If they wanted to leave they could. If they wanted me dead I would be so. They are telling me to go outside. Today is a nice yet cold day, so I will go outside and see what happens.

I will publish this post and start another once I am outside, as I have said, it is a nice day today, why not make the best of it. Plus, I will have my Daughter and GrandDaughter keeping me company while I freeze to death I mean wait for Hera. Will Hera show? Hera is nodding my head “Yes”.

Anywho, enjoy your sunny Sunday, Kiddo, stay warm, keep it stellar, and be safe. **Hera-nod**

Oh that Hera!


VON, Hera & Maia

xo xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

They’re gonna shit, Kiddo. Maia

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