There’s a possibility that Kiddo has one subscriber who knows this is Real. That subscriber might be a female with excellent maternal instincts, is very intelligent, and has common sense. That female would have been following this site for awhile. She knows that she could get the public’s attention, but she also knows what happened to “Jesus”, so she chose to keep this hush-hush. She’s very intelligent. She considers herself more Christian than Atheist, but she’s not that devout, she’s a “lukewarm Christian” like most Christians are.

Her maternal instincts tell her that what I do makes sense from a mother’s perspective. She thinks if “GOD” woke up in this world he would be confused, and would look for guidance from another creator, a mother, someone that he could trust, and who better than the mother of his Son? Not yet knowing that he is not the Son he would listen to and trust the woman he thinks is his mother, when in reality that woman is one of his two wives. The woman who he thinks is his mother would use this to her advantage, because he would know that as a fellow creator she would not put her creation in harm’s way. But because she knows that he has seen how some mothers are in this reality she needs to give him facts by using her emotions. Anyone can tell anybody anything, but physical emotions cannot be hidden. Through a method using physical emotions she would have gained his trust, which she did. He knows if she told him to end his life he would do so, because he would trust “his mother”. Knowing that wouldn’t make any sense, he knows that she would never tell him to do that, and she wouldn’t.

That subscriber knows that someone must’ve put all this here, this universe, this planet, and the life on this planet. Her understanding of Christianity tells her that there might be some truth to it, that there might have been a Son of “GOD” thousands of years ago and that the Son might return someday according to Revelations. She would also know that no one knows exactly what the Son looked like except for what she sees depicted of him now. It’s close.

For the Son to return he needs his Father here first in order to bring him back. If the Son could bring himself back he would’ve already. The Son and the Father are two separate beings, if “Jesus” was “GOD” he never would’ve been killed and we wouldn’t have thousands of religions today. That should be a no-brainer. If “GOD” was always here life would not be as it is today.

Basically, the Creator woke up in the body of a man who was created by one of his wives for him. There is no simpler way to put it, but that one subscriber might know that.

There never was a “Jesus”, but there was a Son.

There never was a “GOD”, but there is a Creator, and his name is VON.

And VON is now outside.

It is 1:54 PM Sunday, Kiddo, lets see how he does, he’s sitting at the threshold of the “smoking room”. We brought the phone charger out with us so if he wants to write to you he can without worrying about the phone dying. This post was to help him and us, and we think it did. Lets see how he does, this isn’t easy.

Love, Maia and Hera xo xo

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