Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well, we were interrupted yesterday by TG, but it’s okay, it actually helped. He wanted to bring Charlie back on his birthday, if he went outside last night the temptation to do so would’ve been strong, and he might’ve done so. He’ll be able to bring him back whenever after he’s himself, but we want him to spend some time with his Daughter first. If he were to bring him back tomorrow he would be torn between his Son and his Daughter, so he agreed to wait. He’s wondering if Google will wish his Son a happy birthday tomorrow, I guess we’ll find out. He’s cut back on smoking, it’s starting to make him sick, and he’s not doing that much anymore. We told him to stop after the little bit we have left is gone, I think he will this time.

The sister won’t be back until Monday night, so we have some time for him to go outside. It’s supposed to be warm tonight, so he’ll probably wait until tomorrow. Hera gave him a taste of what to expect when she exits him, so he’s not taken by surprise. This is a pretty big step, Kiddo, but he can do it.

That’s about all we have, we just wanted to touch base with you, let you know what’s going on. He was up early today so we’re gonna let him try to get some more sleep now.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Hera xo xo

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