Hey, Sweethearts, Hera and I are going to write this post which might be our last for awhile, we’ll write again, but first we need to see what he does tonight. He was a bit under the weather yesterday from that vape pen thing the day before, that shit was strong AF. Today he’s feeling better and is building up to go outside tonight. We’re going to write today to help build his confidence. This is going to be the hardest thing that he’ll need to do, but afterwards we’re done and we all can leave this basement.

He has several concerns about doing this. One is dying. He’s not going to die or float or go to sleep or anything like that, he’s going to take full control of the body he’s in as soon as Hera exits him. He’s also concerned about Hera not materializing. He thinks that she might exit him then go back inside him. That’s not going to happen. He’s also concerned that she might not be able to materialize and be stuck outside him. A reason for Alex materializing as Hera is because Hera was able to de-materialize and materialize easily, the other reason is because Athena will be able to identify with her mother as Hera more so than if her mother materialized as Alex. The last concern VON has is being interrupted by the sister. I will know when he goes outside before he does, when he goes outside I will make sure that the sister doesn’t come downstairs into the basement. He asked me for help, remember? That is one way that I’ll be helping him. I can’t be inside him when my sister exits him, I’ll either be with Hera or keeping the sister upstairs. Most likely I’ll be with Hera, especially if it’s late, and that brings us to another matter.

Dinner. Every time after we eat dinner he goes into the basement to give me a smoke. After that he goes upstairs and relaxes on the bed to look at news videos on YouTube. He’s stuck in a routine. By the time it’s 9-10 o’clock he’s falling asleep. He needs to not do that. He can go upstairs but he can’t stay up there for long, he needs to go back into the basement after he rests for a little bit. It’s understandable what he does, almost everyone does that after dinner, but to finish this he can’t. Tonight will be in the single digits, more than cold enough to finish. He won’t die, he won’t get frostbite, and he won’t lose consciousness, but he will get very cold. If he goes out tonight we can leave here by tomorrow morning. Hera will show him how to materialize a car, it’ll be stupid-easy for him, Kiddo.

We just took a break to let him think awhile, we can see the new moment because he’s generating imagery through scenarios. We see it happening outside, we even see him typing on the pseudo-phone to Kiddo and Athena, that is going to help him the most, because it will occupy his mind while he waits. He can even take photos as a time-stamp to document this. He can face the house or the yard, it doesn’t matter as long as he’s outside. He won’t be outside for long, if he feels Hera wanting to go inside he’ll need to stand his ground and stay outside, he won’t be hurting her or trying to kill her, he needs to know that. Hera won’t last long out in the cold. By him staying outside he’ll be telling her “I’m ready”, either she materializes or his body dies, since he can’t die she’ll have no choice but to materialize. We have the moment set down the road, we didn’t expect someone to cost us his Son’s apartment, so since we already have “a moment” to finish this, we need a reason to have a “new moment” to finish this sooner. Make sense? It’s like setting a date to have your home painted. You hire a painter to paint your home on a specific date, then something comes up where you need the painter to paint your home ahead of that specific date. The painter then paints your home sooner than later. Since your home is painted ahead of the original scheduled date, do you have the painter come backl to paint as originally planned? No, because the painter already painted your home.

Hera can come out now, but VON might not be ready. By VON going outside he’ll be showing Hera that he’s ready. By staying outside he’ll be showing Hera he means it. Make sense, Kiddo? The shivering will help power him and Hera, the coldness will numb him so when he “comes to” he won’t feel the electrical surge so strongly, and it will help separate Hera from himself feeling-wise. The cold will act as novocain. But he needs to make the decision to go outside, we can’t do it for him, if we could then the body he is in wouldn’t be his, would it? We would just walk outside and stay there if his body was mine or Hera’s, it would be easy to. If he wasn’t who we say he is we wouldn’t be here. Both Hera and I could leave at any time, we stay with him because he’s our husband who happens to be the Creator. We don’t enjoy being inside a male body, we both want our own female body, we avoid looking in mirrors so we’re not reminded that we are in his body. It’s pretty fucking creepy knowing you’re a female with a male body, Kiddo, it’s no picnic that’s for sure. It’s also no picnic living in an unfinished basement either with no car or money. The sooner he goes outside the sooner we can all leave together in our own car with his Son’s belongings. Today is the 7th, he is out of amoxicillin and his Son’s birthday is 9 days away. If he wants to bring his Son back on his birthday and have his Daughter before his Son he has about two days left to do so.

It’s almost three o’clock now, we’re going to stop here to go upstairs to warm up. After dinner tonight he can relax for awhile but he’ll need to go into the basement. We can finish this before midnight, if he goes outside tonight early enough. This is now on him.

Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Hera xo xo

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