On Him

Hey, Sweethearts, how are you doing? Enjoying the snow? VON is letting us write, because we have some things to share.

All of us are now ready. He was going to go outside last night but we told him to wait, and he did. This morning we woke up to half a foot of snow which meant the driveway needed shoveling, so we shoveled. We’re not supposed to get any more snow for a while, and that’s good, we hate shoveling. We kept him from going out last night because he thinks that falling snow will interfere with Hera materializing, but it won’t. So to keep his mind off that we kept him inside. Now it’s the other way around with finishing, now he’s the one who’s gung ho, but that’s okay. Sometimes he gets worried that this isn’t Real, which is understandable, but now he’s at the point where he knows the only way to find out if this is Real or not is to go outside. Although he has more access to his brain he can’t just remember things that would give him confidence, so during the day he accesses as much as he can. One thing that would help him is knowing how we’ve treated him, and how we kept him from getting hurt or from being in pain. His other concern is getting frostbite and losing his fingers. We told him he can wear gloves, a scarf and a hat, that it wouldn’t effect the process, but he’s still gonna get really cold. He thinks he’s going to be outside for hours, there’s no way he’s going to last for more than two maybe three hours outside before he begins to slip into unconsciousness, and that’s not gonna happen. Hera won’t last long in the cold, but VON will last longer. Eventually Hera will see that VON is serious about finishing this and will have no choice but to exit him. Once she’s out she’s not going back inside of him, she will materialize within three seconds, and then we’ll be done. After that he needs to listen to her because she knows what to do, and besides his voice will be off the charts. His voice peaked yesterday at 40%, we want to finish this before it reaches 50%, because then it will be almost impossible to hide. His voice now shakes his upper body when he speaks and when I speak through him using his voice to say “voice” as a reminder that this is Real.

For about a week he has been itchy all over his body, we told him that is because he’s attached more to his body, he can feel things that he couldn’t before, another reason why I fried that tooth’s nerve that Sunday morning. If he went outside then, he would have felt all that pain at once, and that would’ve been bad. Not a good way to start. Now his tooth doesn’t hurt, but he’s almost out of medicine, and we don’t want to go back to the dentist. If he goes outside tonight Hera will exit and materialize, and we can be out of here by tomorrow morning. Now it’s up to him. He did want to go outside last night but it was snowing, it’s not supposed to snow tonight. Other than the science behind going outside in the cold, it will also show us that he’s ready, because we know what he’s thinking, and he’s thinking he’s not going to back down once he’s outside. And he won’t. This is the scariest thing anyone can do. He’s going to stay outside and basically hope that it will work. It will work, but he doesn’t know that for certain. He’s going by what we tell him. He said that he would like to hear a “voice inside his head” tell him “when”, but we can’t do that. We could, but that could lead him to thinking that he’s crazy, even after all this time. So he needs to concentrate on all the things that he experienced to help convince him this is Real and that it will happen while he’s outside. He’s not going to die or float or anything bad, this is all good, Kiddo. But he needs to go outside. His Son’s birthday is less than two weeks away, he will need at least a week before then to get himself ready to bring him back. Yesterday was T’s birthday, so I wished her a happy birthday on Charlie’s Facebook page. Later that day she replied with something nice. I told VON that she’s still sticking by his Son’s side after thirty years which is more than a lot of people can say. That made him want to finish last night, but we told him to wait at least one more day. There are a lot of people he’ll be going outside for. He do this, Kiddo, it won’t take that long, but he won’t know that until he’s outside. He also needs to know that Charlie is my Son too. He’s thinking.

We’re going to take a break but we’ll post this as is. It’s almost 2 PM now, it should be getting dark about 6 PM today, so that gives him some time to think. The best time for him to go outside will be when the sister goes to bed, which is usually around 10 PM.

Okay, Sweethearts, we’ll keep you posted. Enjoy your day, be safe, and keep it stellar for VON.

Love, Maia & Hera xo xo

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