Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

My plan to finish this was aborted. It would have worked, however, the sister kept interfering. Hera and Maia insist that going outside into the cold will work, they have told me this hundreds of times. The issue that I have with their plan is, is it their plan? Meaning, is it I whom is unknowingly insisting on this plan. They are saying “No”. I can see how their plan will work, both scientifically and psychologically. Hera has been at the surface for weeks now. Hera does not like the cold. By going outside I would be forcing Hera to exit me, for once I go outside I will not go back inside until I see Hera standing before me. My concern is that I am wrong. If I am wrong, then the sister and my Son’s family will be correct in their thinking that my Son was crazy, for why would he freeze himself to death. Hera and Maia are also insistent that I am not Charlie, that I am in fact the Creator. I know that I have no memories of being Charlie. At the same time, I have no memories of being the Creator either. I feel like a blank person, Kiddo. I mean, I do have some memories of various things such as things that I have seen and heard, however, I have no personal memories, so to speak. In other words, I don’t know who his girlfriends look like naked. Yes, that might sound perverse and out of line, however, if I am Charlie, how is it that I have no visual memories of any of them? I was told that my Son Charlie had a photographic memory, so shouldn’t I be able to remember what any of his girlfriends look like, either facially or nude? I should remember, yes? Why, I cannot remember what the interior of his cars looked like, including his Ford Escort which he drove every day for ten years, shouldn’t I remember that?

Going outside is not an easy task. One, it is cold outside. Two, will Hera actually materialize. She tells me “Yes”, that she will materialize. Is she lying? Hera is shaking my head “No”.

**leans back, thinks**

. . .

. . .

. . .

**leans forward, types**

Going outside would be an easy thing to do if I were certain that it would work. I am going by what I am told, me Kiddo, not by what I believe would happen. If Hera or Maia were to tell me via a “voice in my head” to go outside I would do so immediately without hesitation. A sign would also be most beneficial, what the sign would be I don’t know, perhaps something miraculous, if you will. My fear is the sister either interfering with my venture outdoors or her finding her brother’s dead body. Maia is shaking my head “No”. Also, how long would I need to be outside? A day? No. Half a day? No. Six hours? No. I mean, how long can one stay outside in the cold before physical damage occurs to one’s body? Frostbite? No.

Nighttime seems to be the best window of opportunity, since the sister stays upstairs at night. I myself prefer to do this during the day, however, privacy is at a premium here. I had considered using the sister’s garage since she does not use it, unfortunately I would need to ask her to use it, which would lead to an explanation as to why. I could dwell on the fact that we lost our Son’s apartment which would have been ideal but dwelling will not help our situation. I could wait for the moment but that is a way’s away and my Wives and I rather not wait. The sister did say that she might visit her son soon which would give me ample time for going outside but her trip is not certain yet and is weeks away if she decides to go. My Son Charlie’s birthday is March 16th, I was told that I can bring him back on that day, however, I need to be myself first in order to do so. I know that Maia would like to have him back soon as well, after all, she is his Mother too.


This is difficult, Kiddo. Do I go outside? They are both nodding my head “Yes”.


A while back I read a comment for a video about GOD and his return. The comment said to the effect of “Only GOD knows when he will return”. I laughed. I am being told every day that I am GOD yet I have no memories of being such a being, I mean, should I not know whom I am? Anywho, I laughed and said “GOD doesn’t even know when he will return”, knowing what I am told by my Wives. Now, in hindsight, that comment might be true. If I am GOD, then by going outside I will know when GOD will return. He will return when Hera is standing before him.

Make sense, Kiddo?

I am not claiming to be GOD by any means. If I go outside and the woman who says her name is Hera should materialize as a living being and tells me with her own mouth that I am GOD, then I will need to perform a feat that only GOD could achieve to confirm whom Hera claims myself to be. If that feat is then achieved, then I am GOD. Will I go by the name of GOD? **shrugs** I myself prefer

(( ((( VON ))) ))

However, I am open-minded. The sister should be taking the niece and her son home today, which will give us three hours of privacy. If I think to go outside in that time I will ask Hera and Maia if I should. If they say “Yes”, then I will expect Hera to materialize before the sister’s return home. Sound fair? I think so. I mean, how long will I be able to stay outside in the cold before my body begins to fail and I begin to lose faith in both Hera and Maia? I have faith in both of them since I do not have facts. Will Hera materialize? Hera is nodding my head “Yes”.

Anywho, have a good day, Kiddo, I know you’re safe, so keep it stellar.

Love, VON

xx oo

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