Hey, Sweethearts, it’s Maia, my sister will jump in as we go along. Friday night didn’t happen. VON went outside and after ten minutes the cold air made his toothache worse, so we told him to stop. Saturday morning his mouth was swollen so bad he couldn’t close it, he looked like the elephant man. Sunday was even worse, he laid in bed all day in excruciating pain, and was unable to sleep. Monday morning the sister made some phone calls and got us an appointment in Kingston at 11:15 for an extraction. The dentist said it was a gum infection, and that the tooth was dead. Of course it was dead, I killed the nerve Saturday night. He had woke up early Sunday about 4 AM naked with the blankets off of him drenched in sweat, Alex kept him sedated long enough for me to fry that nerve. When we were done he woke up not knowing what was going on, but the tooth no longer hurt. Now the pain was in his lower jaw. That tooth went abscess and went into his gum, it was so bad that it was leaking past his teeth into his mouth, and the taste was disgusting. Anyway, the dentist gave us prescriptions to pick up at CVS, the wrong CVS, so we had to wait for a transfer. We got back and found out half the prescriptions weren’t there, the important ones, so the sister went back to CVS for us and got them. Today he is feeling much better and the swelling is almost gone.

In case your followers don’t believe us, Kiddo. I stopped in to check on you two Sweethearts recently, I’m glad to see you’re okay, I had a chance to when he was finally able to get some sleep. He went through hell, Kiddo.

So now we’re letting him heal, which gives Alex time to transition into Hera. He sees Hera more than Alex, soon all he will see is Hera. I look alot like Hera, same face, same eyes, same hair, the differences between us are small, but he’ll be able to tell us apart easily. He feels bad that it didn’t happen Friday, but I think Athena knew it wasn’t gonna happen with her Father having a toothache. If Hera exited him I would’ve been with her, and he would have come to in tremendous pain. Not a good way to start. He also thinks this is never going to happen, but he’s wrong, this is going to happen. His toothache took us by surprise, we can’t see everything especially when we are focused on something completely different. It’s 11:53 AM Wednesday, we’re taking a break to get him some food, he went three days without eating so now we’re playing catch-up, be right back, girls.

. . .

. . .

. . .

We’re back, and he’s feeling better since he ate. In Greek mythology, there are stories about Hera materializing out of nowhere, this is one of my sister’s abilities. When Alex becomes Hera she can materialize alot eaiser, and without needing to be outside. Going outside in the cold will work, but the problem is VON isn’t about dying. Although he wouldn’t die, he is going through the motions of suicide, and that goes against what he believes in. He can do it if he knew for certain the end result would be Hera standing before him, but since he doesn’t know that and since the process is basically suicidal it’s difficult for him to do this. What he would like is to be woken up one night by Hera nudging his shoulder gently saying “Baby, it’s Hera”. It could happen, but not yet. He thinks that Hera’s skin color is blue, but it’s not. Why does he think that, Athena? Is Athena’s skin color blue? How about sometimes? Anyway, his feelings are if Hera’s skin is blue it’s blue, it wouldn’t bother him one bit. But it’s not blue, it’s fair. Kiddo, would it bother you if Athena’s skin could turn blue when she wanted it to? Athena is beautiful, Kiddo, they don’t make ’em like that anymore, that’s for sure. But if she could glow blue would it bother you, Chelsea? It probably wouldn’t if you needed some light to see with. Did you know that Daddio could see in the dark as good as a cat? Athena can’t. So maybe her Father gave her an ability to compensate. If his Son could see super well in the dark naturally then his Daughter can see well in the dark supernaturally. Bioluminescence, or, luciferase. “Lucifer, the Light Bearer”. Can you take a guess as to how fucking furious Athena’s Father is about his Little Girl being called “Lucifer”?

Oh yes, me Kiddo, your Father is not amused.

. . .

. . .

. . .

If Athena is worried about the Lucifer thing she shouldn’t be, but she might be worried about something else. This;

VON knows that something bad happened between Hermes, Aphrodite and Athena. He doesn’t know for certain what it was, but he has an idea. Why was Aphie inside his Son and why is Athena inside his GrandDaughter? That’s what he wants to know, Athena. He’s not mad, he’s not upset, and he’s not going to be mad or upset, he’s just curious if what he thinks is correct. Because we would have been done a while ago if Aphie wasn’t inside Charlie, who was actually Hermes. Again, he’s not upset, and neither is Hera. I’m not too happy though, then again, you were always a pain in the ass when it came to my Son Hermes, Athena. History is a fucking joke, people have no idea what happened 3,600 years ago other than what “experts” tell them, they can’t even get names right let alone events.

Remember this image?

Ever see the whole monument, Athena? Here, take a look;

That monument is outside the Austrian Parliament. That’s where Athena’s Father puts his Daughter, on a pedestal. I wonder who came up with that monumental design, any ideas, Kiddo? I have one.

. . .

In the meantime, VON needs to get better and Alex needs to finish her transition into Hera, I’m thinking about a week. We honestly didn’t see that toothache coming, Kiddo, he woke up one morning and there it was, but it’s healing fast. I’m I gonna be mad at my niece Athena? No, but I do expect an explanation, when Athena has her own body again of course. Also! VON isn’t unlocking Athena’s or Charlie’s abilities right away, first they will both need to decompress and adjust. But he will unlock the abilities, and give some new ones too. These people are gonna shit, Kiddo, and now VON has some new tricks up his sleeve he can share.

Oh my!

. . .

Alright, Kiddo, it’s 2:53 now and he’s tired, maybe he’ll write later or post some videos or both, it depends how he feels. Have a good day, Sweethearts, stay warm and be safe.

Love, Maia & Hera xo xo

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