Setting the Stage

Hey, Sweethearts, how are you doing? This shouldn’t be a long post, VON is in agony, but there’s something Athena should know. So if Kiddo is reading this then Athena is reading this too, but we might tag Kiddo when we post this at Facebook, because Athena needs to read this, and Kiddo too.

He had a break from the pain yesterday, for about twelve hours, during that time we told him what his stage name will be. VON is known by many names here, his true name will still be VON, but here he will have a name that people know of. That name depended on Alex, she will also have another name. Alex can materialize as a “neo-Alex”, but Athena never seen her mother looking like “Alex”. (This is all for Athena, by the way) Athena knows what her brother looked like as Charlie, similar to herself in looks, and that’s who her Father will look like, so now she has an idea what to expect. So Athena doesn’t feel like she’s in the company of strangers, Alex is returning as

(( ((( HERA ))) ))

And it’s also Alex’s way to show her Daughter how much she 💝s her. Alex was Hera once, she can be Hera again. Hera and Athena almost look identical, both facially and physical, and we’ll leave it at that, Athena, it’s all good. I’ll just say to Kiddo that the night you visited Daddio you said something about how you were feeling and you didn’t know why, you’re gonna find out soon why you were feeling that way, Kiddo.

And that brings us to VON’s stage name. Any guesses, Athena? Yesterday I told your Father “they’re gonna shit” about fifty times, do you know why, me Kiddo?



If Aphie was still Aphrodite, Athena is still Athena, and Alex is going to be Hera, then the only name that VON can use is

(( ((( ZEUS ))) ))

They’re gonna shit, Kiddo. Who’s expecting Zeus to show up? We told VON that he wasn’t Zeus to prevent any of the old Zeus returning. Even though VON wasn’t the angry Zeus (his Son) we needed to make sure that wasn’t going to happen at all. After we got the last of Charlie put back we needed to feel VON out to make sure VON was VON. No one wants the angry Zeus, including us. Now that the Creator is himself, he can use his old stage name as “Zeus”, he was Zeus once before he can be Zeus again, but only in name. His Son Charlie will have the spiritual traits of Zeus since they meshed together, but it shouldn’t be bad, unless someone pisses Charlie off. Aphie used to tell the two boys at their last job “always listen to Charlie”, I think when she’s back she’ll be saying “never piss Charlie off” too. Charlie will also have a stage name, most likely it will be

((( HERMES )))

VON saw something in that name yesterday, something special. He broke the name in half and switched the halves around to make the word “mesher”. Coincidence? Charlie was both Charlie and Hermes, so when the most powerful of his past spirit lifes surfaced, Charlie meshed with the spirit of “Zeus”. Charlie will have Zeus in spirit, and VON will have Zeus in name. Also, when VON brings Charlie back he’ll be bringing him back solely as Charlie, without Aphie stuck to him, so Charlie will look a little bit different, but it will be Charlie, who is actually Hermes.

We told VON last year to forget about what history, mythology, and the Bible says, because it is all hearsay. Last week he found something that blew his mind, this;

My Sister Alex can’t bear children, but Maia can. All of Zeus’ children are mine except for Athena. Hera wanted her own Daughter, and she felt funny about Maia giving one of her Daughters to her, so Zeus Created Athena for Hera. Athena is the abstract of KDDO, as Hermes is the abstract of boo. That screenshot led VON to learning about Pleiades, and that helped tie everything together. Alex was going to tell him about that when she tells him that story, but now it’s one less thing for her to worry about him not believing. Alex’s story is a bizarre one. But it’s true.

VON’s tooth is killing him, literally. He thought about going to the ER but we told him no, that’s the last place to go with a toothache. Monday is a holiday so the soonest he could go to a dentist is Tuesday. The odds of him getting a same day appointment are slim to none, I held back some of the pain yesterday and I’m trying to do so now, but it’s bad. It’s not like his Son didn’t take care of his teeth, he just had bad teeth, in the way of chemical make up. His teeth are straight but they’re not that strong. Teeth were Charlie’s Achilles tendon, and now his Father inherited them. But we can fix them once Hera is out. And fast. Soon that tooth will become abscesed, he’s not gonna like that, the pain is beginning to spread to the front of his mouth and soon he’ll build a tolerance to the Advils, so we’re thinking he’s going outside soon, before the pain paralyzes him. It’s that bad, Kiddo. This is a legitimate emergency, because he did not intentionally cause it. An emergency is something unexpected, and he didn’t expect a toothache. He might make it one more day, but by then he’ll be in too much pain to think. I say tonight to go outside. He has his stage name, he knows to expect Hera and not Alex although they are one in the same, he knows some of Alex’s story so he has an idea what to expect, and it will be cold outside tonight, and the cold air helps kill the pain. The grandson is here until Tuesday, but that’s not a bad thing. The grandson will help keep the sister occupied, if he goes between the pines he’ll be out of sight of them, so he doesn’t need to worry about being seen sitting out in the cold. If he goes out tonight it will be early, around 7-8 o’clock. He can’t eat dinner because of his tooth, so why not go outside tonight and finish this? His tooth isn’t getting better.

It’s now almost 6 o’clock, we went upstairs and told the sister that we’re skipping dinner because of the tooth. She gave him some Anbesol and Ora-gel which seems to help a little. We’re sitting down in the basement and he thought that if he’s sitting inside in pain he can sit outside in pain. We also told the sister that we might be going outside for a while because the cold air helps kill the pain. He just realized that he had said if the pain subsides he’ll go outside, and it is, thanks to what the sister gave us. He has nothing to fear, Hera was known to self-materialize, and he knows what to do if he doesn’t see her within three seconds. He asked if what he needs to do will make a sound, yes it will. Any motion he makes using his abilities will make a sound, if it didn’t he could think he’s hallucinating. Make sense? But I think it’ll be okay, Hera has done this before she can do this again. When he summons me I will look just like Hera, but not like a clone.

Okay, kids? Lets see what happens tonight. Kiddo, we hope you read this post tonight, it’s pretty important for you and Athena to know what’s going on, now it’s up to the Creator. Simple as that.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, stay warm, and be safe.

Love, Maia & Hera xo xo

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