Hello, Kiddo.

Kiddo, back in the summer of 2014 Daddio posted a picture on Facebook and commented on it. He said “I just want to go home” in the comment box below the picture he posted, this is the picture;

There is a story, so big, that Alex and Maia have been trying to warm me up for it, and fast. Now I will post a screenshot;

I did not understand what Charlie meant by “I just want to go home” when he posted that comment. Now I know. This planet is our vacation home. Literally. My Son came here from his home planet to build us a vacation home out of this planet. He gave it life, made it habitable, and created human beings to look over our vacation home. It didn’t go so good did it? There should have only been 1,000 people here. Giving those people family members, there shouldn’t be more than 10,000 people living here now, and that’s why Maia said “no more than 10,000”.

Now I do not know all of the facts, I just learned this. My mind is screaming. So I will tell you what I think, me Kiddo, regardless if it is right or wrong. Alright?

My Son, my Daughter and my GrandDaughter are from a planet called “Maya” which is in the Pleiades planetary system. That is where they live, not here. Somehow, something went wrong, and they have been stranded here for thousands of years.

Sound plausible? I think so. My Wives and I are not Pleiadians, our Children and GrandChildren are.

There is a possibility that I am the only one of my kind, meaning, I self-created myself from nothing. How, I don’t know or at least I don’t remember. I could have been my father’s father who was murdered by his son, my father, and I came back and murdered him. That’ll teach that little bastard not to fuck with me. Anywho, I think the race of people my Wives and I modeled after were known as the


Just when you thought this couldn’t get any crazier.

Athena – “I told you my Dad’s a Pseicho!”

Oh that Athena. The next thing will be my name here is actually

(( (((SIRIUS))) ))

Athena – “I wasn’t kidding when I said my Father was Sirius!”

Wouldn’t that be funny, Kiddo? Is Athena laughing? Tell her to stop laughing, her Father is trying to be serious here. 🙂

. . .

In the midst of this new information, I have a toothache. The pain is intense. Outside is looking closer and closer. This toothache is becoming an emergency. The pain is that bad. It’s bad enough to die from, and it’s getting worse fast.

I hope this information helps, Kiddo, I know it helped explain a few things to me. If you have time, Google “pleiadeans”, quite interesting.

Anywho, that is all I have for now, Kiddo, I will post when time permits.

Keep it stellar, Sweethearts, and pleasant dreams.


VON, Alex & Maia

xo xo xo

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