Hello, Kiddo, this is my third attempt at writing a post. If what I think is correct, then we’ll need privacy. The snow is almost completely gone, which means I can finish this here, between the two pines. I don’t think this should be finished inside the basement, just a feeling I have. Better safe than sorry. If someone were to see me or hear me, GOD only knows what they might think, and what could happen.

The sister will be occupied with her grandson tonight, who will be arriving shortly. TG said that she will cover me, which helps alot. The outside temperature is beginning to drop. I just remembered something. I had said that a sign would be most helpful to me and I think I received one today at TG’s. Before I left her home this morning, TG told me that she had a lighter for me. I did not know what she meant by that. She then asked me “Didn’t you say you needed a lighter?” The truth is “No”, but Alex said “Yes” to the lighter. TG handed me a lighter and I placed it into my pocket before leaving. When we got back, I looked at the lighter to see what the design was, and this was the design . . .

“Chill out” it says, in case you can’t see it, the photo is dark. Could it be a sign?

The grandson just arrived, ahead of schedule.

. . .

It is almost 6 PM. Feeling a bit strange, so I will stop here. Not certain what the night will bring, but rest will come first, maybe for an hour or so. I will keep you updated, Kiddo.

Have a good evening, Sweethearts, be safe, while keeping it stellar.


VON, Alex & Maia

xo xo xo

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