Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

We have a place. We spent some time with TG today, and she showed us a place on her parents’ property that will work. It is not far from the sister’s house and it is secluded from possible onlookers. Alex said it will work, so now we need a cold night. Tonight is out of the question, but tomorrow night should work. I told TG that I would let her know when I would come over, and she was good with that.

Alex seems certain that we can do this, Kiddo. I hope so because if this doesn’t work I don’t know what else to do. Alex and Maia say it’ll work. What more can I say?

. . .

. . .

. . .

Did you know that the Pentagon was finished being built and was open for business on September 11th 1941? Interesting, yes? I think so. And yes, “9/11” was an “inside job”.

. . .

A concern that I had regarding Alex materializing was snow. “Would snow cause a problem?”, and she said “No”. I mean, if there is a foot of snow on the ground would it be in the way? “No”. Then I remember back to when my Son began to materialize inside a body of water, face to face with a manatee. Oh, that was a hoot, me Kiddo, especially when he realized what was happening, and panicked. The next thing he knew he was levitating an inch above his couch with three electrical bands forming at his knees then traveling up to his chest where they disappeared into, before he fell onto the couch. I believe he said “. . . holy shit . . .” afterwards. Good times, Kiddo, good times. The point is, if my Son can materialize inside a body of water, then some snow on the ground will not be an issue. **Alex-nod**

Anywho, we wanted to let you know that we spoke with TG and that she is “down with it”, so she says. I would like to finish this soon. I am certain that me Kiddo would like this finished soon as well. We’re doing our best, kids.

Enjoy your evening, Sweethearts, be safe, and keep it stellar.


VON, Alex & Maia

xo xo xo

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