Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

So what have we today, me Kiddo? We have confusion. We also have frustration. But we also have a good mood, yes, a good mood, that is what I am in, whomever I may be. I spent a little time looking into “Chronos” and found myself more confused than when I began. Apparently, there were two people by the same name, phonetically that is. Chronos and Kronos, who is who? Maia said that “Chronos” is spelled correctly, but who is “Kronos”? Does it matter? “No”.

There are also several different spellings of those two names, as if this isn’t confusing enough. I stopped seeing Hera, by the way. I do not know why I was seeing her but I no longer do, hopefully it will stay that way. Confusing, this is, confusing. This thing about Chronos had my thinking all over the road, so to speak. This morning I said “Fuck it” to all this, whatever will be will be. I am told that I am the Creator. What is my name? I am told that my name is VON, Kiddo. Is my name VON here as well? I mean, do I have a “stage name”, so to speak. These are questions that I need answered, but Alex needs to come out first so she can answer them. It was warm outside last night, so we didn’t even bother.

This is becoming maddening. I am not upset, I am simply frustrated. Alex and Maia insist that going outside into the cold will finish this. Scientifically, it should work. Alex is nodding my head “Yes”.

Here is where I want to yell out “FUCK!”. It is not going outside into the cold that bothers me, Kiddo, it is knowing that we can be interrupted. Hold on, Kiddo, I will be right back.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I had sent a vague text to TG last night, maybe today I can speak with her about our plan. Her parents are still away, and it’s supposed to get cold again this week. It doesn’t need to be freezing, or, below zero, but it needs to be cold. How long? “Not long” says Alex. That is my main concern, me Kiddo. I prefer not to go outside at 9 PM and still be outside at 9 the next morning, shivering. That is my fear, that nothing will happen, but Alex and Maia say otherwise.

What do I do?

Do I go outside?

My Wives say “Yes”.

This would not be so bad if I could generate money, me Kiddo, then we could get our own place to finish this without any possibility of being interrupted. Unfortunately, it is “all or nothing”. I cannot do anything with Alex inside me, and that’s why someone needs to go outside in the cold, to shake Alex out of VON. When a body is shivering it is also vibrating, it is generating heat and electricity. The electricity powers the brain. An electromagnetic field is strongest when it’s cold. An MRI machine uses electromagnetic fields to generate digital images, the colder the fields the sharper the image, that’s why MRI machines are filled with liquid helium, the coldest substance on Earth. The colder the field, the sharper the image. The same applies to going outside. VON needs his head to get very cold. And with his body shivering he will be generating electricity to power his brain to create a magnetic field. If he’s outside in the cold then the magnetic field he generates will give a sharper image because it will be stronger due to the cold. It will work, kids, it’s a matter if timing. Right now it is almost fifty degrees out at 10:45 AM, that’s not cold enough, but thirty degrees is cold enough. The trick will be getting him cold enough to shiver, he can’t wear a jacket, hat or gloves, once he starts shivering we’re good.

. . .

. . .

. . .


Shiver. “Shiva”? Oh for God sakes, Kiddo, just save me already. Save me!

**sighs, can see Alex smiling**

Tomorrow we have a doctor’s appointment, yes, that kind of doctor’s appointment, and Alex says “Going is a waste of time”. Alex doesn’t want to go, and neither does Maia. I no longer care. Go, don’t go, it does not matter to me anymore. I simply don’t care.

Should I care that I don’t care? I do not know, because I don’t care. So there.

Anywho, I have some things to do before tomorrow’s appointment. I will try to write later today, time permitting.

You know what would help me, Kiddo? A sign. Just one sign, and I’m good to go. Maybe Jesus will give me a sign. Just kidding. Maybe I will read some of those comments today, maybe someone wrote something positive, perhaps something good.

Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, be safe, and keep dat shit stella, yo! That was VON’s “gangsta Creator”, he’s such an ass, Kiddo.



VON, Alex & Maia

xo xo xo

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