Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Right to the point. I had a DE last night about zombies, it was quite real. My DE ended with me standing in an unfamiliar hallway and watching a door. The door was pale in color and made of steel. Something big and strong was on the other side of the door trying to punch its way through. It was denting the door with its fists. The door began to cave in. Before the door broke loose, I woke up.

I spent some time thinking what that DE meant. The next thing I know I am thinking that maybe I was right the first time about all this. You know, when I had thought that my name is

(( ((( ZEUS ))) ))

Well, what I mean is, when I am here. Maybe, my Wives steered me away from that little possibility in order to get me into a good mood first, I mean, it only makes sense to. “Like Father, like Son”, if you will. And it would also explain why I am seeing flashes of Hera today. Maybe, just maybe, I was right the first time. Is that possible? I think so.

Maybe . . . just maybe . . . Alex needed to trick me into thinking that I was not Zeus so I would not be confused with Zeus Jr. That sure would be something, Kiddo. Because there were two Zeuses, so to speak, just as there were two Charlies, or are two Charlies, depending on your point of view. I mean, this is only an idea I have, I am not certain. Regardless, I will not know until I see my Wife, whomever she shall be. This morning she surfaced and had told me that going outside into the cold will work, so I think she has had enough, me Kiddo, whomever she will be. Could be Alex, could be Hera, who knows, the point is, it doesn’t matter who my Wife Alex looks like, if that woman standing before me tells me that she is my Wife Alex then that is whom Alex will be. Simple as that.

Although it was warm out today, it will be cold tonight, in the low thirties. Maybe TG can help us tonight. I will send her a text later, before it gets too late.

. . .

The DE about the zombies. Zombies can be a real thing. Just remove the soul. Now you have a frightened and confused wild animal on your hands, not just one but millions. That is, if this is Real. Am I the Creator? “Yes”. Hmm. So who wants a zombie apocalypse? If you liked watching “The Walking Dead” then you’ll love watching the living run. I am serious, Kiddo, I am. Why, they will be running everywhere, even though there is no place to run to. Why? Because they are on a sphere! Wherever they go, there they are. A sphere has no corners. Oh Yes, no cutting corners here, me Kiddo, and no corners to hide behind. The way I see it, we now have werewolves and vampires, Angels, demons and the good ol’ Devil himself, so why not Zeus & Hera too?


Now wouldn’t that be funny, Sweethearts? I think so. Talk about a Greek revival.

Anywho, we hope that you are doing well, Kiddo, I am going to stop here so I can send a text message to TG, before it gets too late.

Enjoy your evening, Sweethearts, be safe, and keep it stellar.


VON, Alex & Maia

xo xo xo

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