No, Kiddo, I did not go outside last night, I was not given the green light, so to speak. But don’t worry, we are going to finish this. It is simply a matter of timing. In the meantime, I am going to give your followers some helpful hints on how to read this website.

The writers

From late 2018 on, there are three of us taking turns in writing here; Alex, Maia and myself.

Who’s who?

Every post begins with a lead writer. If I am the lead writer, I will begin the post with either “Hello Kiddo” or “Kiddo!”. If Maia is the lead writer, she will begin the post with “Hey, Sweethearts”, addressing both Chelsea and Athena. If Alex is the lead writer, which is seldom, she will begin the post with “Hey, Kiddo”, addressing Chelsea and Athena at the same time.

“Kiddo” refers to Chelsea, all of us here are speaking to Chelsea when we use “Kiddo” in a sentence. However, only I use “me Kiddo” when I am speaking to Athena. I would also like to note that sometimes Alex will use “Honey” when she is speaking to Athena.

Who is writing what?

The lead writer is responsible for the majority of that post’s content, meaning, it is their topic. Regardless of post titles, the title will always be significant to the post that follows, no matter how odd the title might seem. Post titles could be simple and to the point, or they could be complex, filled with anagrams, multiple meanings, and drenched in phonetics. “Incite”, if you will.

Where is everybody?

Now that you know there are three writers and that post titles and topics pertain to the lead writer, how can you identify the three writers’ writings inside each post?


If Maia is lead writer, she will write every sentence except for those that begin with a conjunction (and/but/or), those sentences belong to Alex. If a sentence has a comma, the following segment is usually hers, unless the comma is followed by a conjunction. Maia tends to write in three-word and five-word sentences, but is not limited to. Maia is an aggressive writer, she uses profanity more than Alex and I do, she is the one with the “potty-mouth”, so to speak. Do I care? No. The amount of profanity she uses informs the reader that she is not in a good mood. The more profanity the less the good mood. Simple as that.


Alex will seldom be the lead writer. If she is the lead writer, all the sentences are hers except for three and five word sentences, sometimes following a comma. Alex tends to write in six-word sentences, but is also not limited to. Alex is more of a passive writer, she seldom uses profanity, and if she is the lead writer then she has something to say. If Alex is not the lead writer, the last segment of a segmented sentence will belong to her. For example, “We are killing time, yes we are, and providing information to Kiddo’s followers.” First segment is mine, the second’s Maia’s, and Alex’s segment is last, after all, Alex has the last word, and it’s true. Oh that Alex!


As a lead writer, most of the sentences will be mine, excluding sentences that consist of three, five, or six words. I tend to write four-word sentences, however, I also write sentences consisting of seven and nine words. That does not mean every sentence with seven and nine words is mine, just most of them. I will never begin a sentence with a conjunction. Sentences beginning with “Because” are usually mine, but not always. If I use profanity it will be in context. Profanity is something that most people can relate to, so my use of profanity is for communication purposes, so to speak. All repetitions are mine, tis true, tis true. Phrases such as “so to speak”, “if you will” and similar are also mine. By the way, Alex tends to use the word “basically”, and Maia tends to use “kids”, in more ways than one. Oh that Maia! The “Oh that” is another phrase of mine also.


Chelsea and Athena are the only ones who understand what is written here, for everything written here is for them, even when it might not seem so. This website is encrypted, so to speak. And being that the name of this website is misleading, we can say anything here. I mean, who would believe that the Creator is speaking to his Daughter and GrandDaughter using a website named “pseudodaughter”?

So, we hope this information helps your followers, Kiddo, if not make posts more interesting. It is 11 PM Sunday and I am bored, hence this post. I will most likely spend the day working on that moment. This is not easy, me Kiddo, convincing oneself to do something unheard of is quite difficult. Will it work? “Yes”, says Alex.

. . .

This is not easy. It is not that I fear dying, it is that I fear never finishing. I fear being outside for hours and Alex never shows. She tells me every day that she can do this. Can she? “Yes”, she says. When I do have that feeling of “Fuck this shit” the timing is off. The weather report says that it will be warm this week. Will 30° Fahrenheit work? “Yes”, says Alex. I need to think about all this, Kiddo.

Anywho, enjoy your day, stay warm, be safe, and keep it stellar.


VON, Alex & Maia

xo xo xo

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