While I am waiting for Maia to give me the green light, I thought to share something interesting. Well, I think it is interesting.

The origin of pseudodaughter.

My Son Charlie learned about the term “pseudo” from his once girlfriend Arie. Arie had told Charlie of a woman she knew online who considered herself as Arie’s “pseudo-mom”. Why, I don’t know, she had never met Arie in person so how could she think of herself as a mother to her?

Anywho, after Arie had left my Son in the spring of 2014 the term “pseudo” stayed with Charlie.

In the summer of 2013, almost one year before Arie had left my Son, she had told him of a coworker who needed a place to stay. She told my Son about her coworker Chelsea, and that she was good stuff. My Son was hesitant about letting someone that he did not know stay with them, but Arie was insistent that Chelsea was good stuff. Charlie needed to make a decision on the spot, for Arie had told him as soon as she came home from work that Friday and she needed an answer immediately. Trusting Arie, Charlie said “Okay”, and they left to meet Chelsea and to bring her to their home.

When they arrived where Chelsea would be leaving, my Son saw Arie’s coworker standing outside waiting for them. My Son looked at Chelsea and felt something was special about her. After meeting Chelsea, my Son had told her “No . . . you’re not staying here. Get your things, we’re leaving.” And the three of them left together.

5 years later, Arie is gone, but Chelsea is still in Charlie’s life.

In January of 2016, my Son wanted another means to stay in touch with Chelsea in case he lost his cellphone or his Facebook account. So he created a free website at WordPress dedicated to Chelsea, and he called it “pseudodaughter”.

When my Son chose that name he did not know that it was a blessing in disguise. Here is why . . .

A synonym for “pseudo” is “made-up”. WordPress is a platform for people interested in literature. It is a “blog site”, where people who enjoy reading can read other people’s thoughts. Most of the readers have knowledge of literature. They know what most words mean. Most readers would know what “pseudo” means. The title of this website is telling people that this is about a “made-up” person named “Kiddo”. I’m about to laugh out loud. This is absolutely genius. The title itself would deter most people from investigating this website, and if they did investigate it they would think that the author is a boon-goose looney. There is not one photo of Chelsea/Kiddo in this entire website. That alone is enough to make anyone think that this is all “made-up”. My Son did right by not posting any photos of Chelsea here, but he did it out of respect towards Chelsea. My Son never posted photos of any female on Facebook, not even of Arie or Kat, because he felt that by doing so he would be “marketing” his girlfriends. Charlie held Chelsea in regard as a daughter, whom meant more to him than a girlfriend. Girlfriends come and go, but daughters are forever, even pseudo-daughters.

I remember my Son telling Chelsea that being a “pseudo-dad” was better than being a dad. He said that a pseudo-daughter has no obligation nor responsibility to her pseudo-dad, she never needs to answer to him nor to promise him anything, all she needs to do is to be herself and to know that she has an adult male in her life who loves and respects her as a daughter, and that he would always be there for her.

He is still there for her, except he is sleeping. He does not know that I wrote this. But he will.

It is 9:46 PM.


So, that is the story of pseudodaughter.

Will I go outside tonight? That is up to my Wives. The sister is still up. It is the weekend, she tends to stay up late on the weekends. I never heard back from TG. Oh well, it would not make much of a difference if I did anyway.

I will write again, Kiddo, maybe tomorrow. Alright? Alright. 🙂


VON, Alex & Maia

xo xo xo

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