Okay, Kiddo, the sun hasn’t risen yet and we’re in the basement, Alex will tail in behind me. He’s been up since 5 but the sister is stirring, and he’s afraid she’ll come downstairs and interrupt us. We can still do this before sunrise because the sun needs to rise in a complete rotation. The sun hasn’t risen in California or Hawaii yet. We do have some time. It doesn’t matter if we do this in daylight, cold is cold, and it’s freezing outside. Once he starts shivering he’ll generate excess electricity, that will help power up Alex. His hands will become numb, that will act as a safety so he doesn’t start throwing soundwaves everywhere from shaking. Alex will look like she did in that DE he had, he knows which one, that is the closest she can look like herself without being in her actual body, the main difference is she won’t have the bluish black around her eyes. Eventually he’ll clone her body so I can have a body, but he’ll give Maia black hair so he can tell us apart, because we’ll look exactly the same. He’s in a good mood and ready for anything, it’s the sister keeping us from finishing. She should be going to work today, she was home yesterday because of the weather. If she doesn’t go to work today then we’re going for it tonight, but I think she’ll go in today. We were waiting for it to be freezing outside, the colder it is the faster this will happen. Alex hates the cold, and she won’t let her husband freeze to death. He’s not coming back inside until he sees Alex standing before him, once he sees her that’s it, we’re done. He’ll have all of his abilities ready to use, but he’ll need to warm up and let Alex talk to him first to explain what they need to do to leave here and where they’re going. When they get to where they’re going she’ll tell him exactly what happened. He’s gonna laugh his ass off, you just might hear him laughing. There’s nothing bad, VON. But it’s funny. He needs to believe what Alex tells him so she doesn’t look crazy, that’s how bizarre the story is she’s going to tell him. You couldn’t make this shit up.

The sister should be leaving here soon, if she doesn’t go in then we’ll wait until tonight. I’m almost out of smoke, what he decides to do about that is up to him, we’re not telling him what to do either way. He wanted Kiddo’s followers to know what’s going on, this would have been easy if we had his Son’s apartment, we’re not supposed to be around anyone to finish this because we can be interrupted. Afterwards we don’t care who sees what, it’s getting interrupted during the process that could mess things up, because it would break his concentration, and we would need to start all over again. Fuck that shit, we want out of here now, there’s nothing left to do but to finish this. TG is his prime motivation, that selfie she sent him broke his heart. He can fix her but he needs to be himself, he can’t be himself with Alex inside him, I have no bearing on his abilities because I don’t have a soul to block his with. Alex is in the place he needs to be, Alex has no abilities either because this isn’t her body, it’s VON’s. Neither of them can do anything. When Alex slips out, VON will slip in. It will take about three seconds for Alex to materialize after she’s out. VON will feel a rush of electricity through his body, we’ve been showing him for months what to expect, once he feels that he’s good to go. And go we will, I don’t ever want to be in this basement again. I don’t want to be in any basement ever again, I’m done with this shit, kids, and so is he. This would’ve been easy if certain people didn’t stick their nose in Charlie’s business, it’s because of them we’re in this fucking basement. He can’t focus on the moment if he’s worried about being interrupted. I can hear the TV upstairs, if the sister doesn’t go to work today we’ll let you know, I hope she does, I can’t see if she will or not, if she doesn’t then we do this tonight as soon as she goes to bed. Finishing won’t take long as long as it’s freezing outside, and it is freezing out. We’re sorry that this isn’t the post you all been waiting for, but he wanted Kiddo and her followers to know what’s going on. All of us are ready, we’re just waiting on privacy. Okay, Kiddo? He’s in a good mood, he knows what to do, he knows what will happen, all we need is privacy. Like I said, if the sister doesn’t go in we’ll let you know, if she does go in then we’re doing this as soon as she leaves, but either way we’ll post something.

You waited this long, Kiddo, just a little bit longer.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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