Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I feel like talking.

Yesterday TG sent me a photo. A “selfie”, if you will.

I looked at the photo for a minute or so. The photo was taken at a hospital. She looked to be in good spirits.

Today I posted some comments at YouTube. I received some replies. The replies were not in good spirits. They were quite insulting. I am quite furious.

. . .

. . .

. . .

If I go outside before sunrise, will I die? “No”.

If I go outside before sunrise, will you appear? “Yes”.

Will you stay? “Yes”.

Will I have my abilities? “Yes”.

Should we do this? “Yes”.

Before sunrise? “Yes”.

You are absolutely certain this will happen if I go outside before sunrise? “Yes”.

Will I be able to write about it tomorrow? “Yes”.

Will it take long? “No”.

Do you know that I am trusting you and Maia? “Yes”.

Will this be too soon? “No”.

Are you certain? “Yes”.

Is Maia upset about those replies? “YES”.

Are you? “Yes”.

Do you know how furious I am right now? “Yes”.

Will I calm down before we go outside? “Yes”.

Am I correct about the chair? “Yes”.

Is it now facing in the right direction? “Yes”.

Now you have a place to materialize, correct? “Yes”.

Will we be interrupted? “No”.

Is Maia also furious? “YES”.

I ask because I can feel her.

Am I correct about how this will work? “Yes”.

Am I missing anything? “No”.

Not too soon? “No”.

You are certain that we can do this? “Yes”.

You are aware that there could be people reading this hoping that this is real? “Yes”.

Am I the Creator? “Yes”.

I do not have my abilities because I am not myself yet, correct? “Yes”.

Is your smiling a good thing? “Yes”.

Is Maia smiling also? “Yes”.

Is this all up to me now? “Yes”.

Are you certain that I can do this? “Yes”.

Does Maia want revenge? “YES”.

Will I be outside for long? “No”.

Do you and Maia trust me? “Yes”.

Will I go inside without finishing this? “No”.

Are you certain? “Yes”.

Will Maia help us finish? “Yes”.

Did I ask properly? “Yes”.

Is there anything that I need to know to finish this? “No”.

Would you tell me if there was? “Yes”.

Do I need to be “unlocked” once you are out? “No”.

Will you write a note to the sister? “Yes”.

Will I be leaving her a gift? “Yes”.

Money? “Yes”.

The amount we discussed? “Yes”.

Is this an emergency? “No”.

Does it need to be? “No”.

Can you and Maia see this happening by sunrise? “Yes”.

Do you think it will? “Yes”.

Am I the Creator? “Yes”.

Did Athena know that when she had told her Brother Charlie “I want to do whatever the fuck I want” she had also told her Father? “Nope”.


Is there anything that I need to do prior to going outside? “No”.

Are you certain? “Yes”.

Will we be able to help TG? “Yes”.

Is she a GrandDaughter? “Yes”.

Am I wrong about how this works? “No”.

Are you going to do this if I go outside, Alex? “Yes”.


. . .

. . .

. . .

We are expecting windchills of -25° to -30° Fahrenheit tonight into tomorrow morning. This will be the coldest it has been since we have been here.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, stay warm, be safe, and keep it stellar.

Always with love,

VON, Alex & Maia

. . .

. . .

. . .

Stop worrying, Athena, he was teasing you. Daddy’s Little Girl gets away with murder. Alex and Maia

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