Hello, Kiddo, it is Tuesday and it is snowing outside oh yes it is. I decided it is better to go outside multiple times to clear the driveway with a pushbroom then it is to go outside once to shovel. The sister’s driveway is paved of course. How are you doing, Sweethearts? Stellar I hope.

We have a bit of a situation here on our end, but it isn’t bad. TG’s parents are going away this Saturday for a week and TG asked if I could be her driver while they are gone. She is not physically capable of driving and needs someone to drive for her. I thought about this and what Alex had said; “about a month”, because she had said that about three weeks ago. “About a month” could be from three to five weeks, approximately, so I told TG that I would help her.

But wait! There’s more!

TG mentioned having someone stay with her at her parents’ house while her parents are away because of her situation, which is not good. This idea was her parents’. She told them that maybe I could stay with her for that week, before she could tell me about it. I told her that I would do that if she wanted me to.

There’s more!

Last night she called me and said that she told her parents that if they are not sure about me staying there they could meet me first.

There’s still more!

Recently, “Charlie” came up in a conversation between TG and her father, he wanted to know what the deal is with “Charlie”. Apparently, she did not know what to tell him since the truth is unbelievable, so she told him something that does not resemble the truth in any way whatsoever.

So. What do I do if he wants to meet me? What would I say? Or, what would Alex and Maia say? Her parents leave in a few days, Kiddo, and I don’t know what to say or do if they want to talk to Charlie. It might not have been an issue if TG said something more “generic” to her father instead of what she had told him, now Alex and Maia need to come up with something in case we should meet her father. I have no idea what they can tell him because I know what TG had said. Woes me, me Kiddo, woes me.

. . .

This morning I was up early, about 3 AM. I stayed in bed thinking about that moment. As I was thinking I began to see images of my Son’s misfire Kat, which I felt was odd. I thought about this. After a few hours and with Alex’s help I decided that whomever I see standing before me at the moment will be my Wife Alexandra. Simple as that. My Wife is my Wife regardless who she looks like. But she won’t be CJ or Aphie. **Alex-nod**

Just came back in from sweeping the driveway again, we go outside about every two hours to sweep, and it only takes ten minutes each time. Alex hates shoveling snow. She said that where we live back home is like Florida, but there is snow on our planet. She does not mind winter as long as she is not out in it. Maia, about the same. Myself, it does not matter, I think that snow makes the environment look clean, like a blank sheet of white paper.

. . .

I am uncertain about the TG thing, I mean, I do want to help her, I just did not plan on being in her plans. Hmm. I guess this could work for us, her parents have a lot of property, mostly woods, maybe we could take advantage of this situation, me Kiddo.

. . .

It’s funny, before I would be nervous about the possibility of someone witnessing us finishing this, now I simply don’t care who sees what. Why, I would be alright if we finish this inside the Mobil station in front of a group of state troopers. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

It is almost 6 PM and we just swept the driveway again. I think we have about 4″ now, our weather app says we should get 3″-7″ by tomorrow morning, if that is true then the snow should stop falling soon. At least I would think so by the rate it is falling.

You know, Kiddo, there is something obvious within our situation. I mean, it feels as though we can finish this at any time. At least that is how it feels to me. Alex and Maia are smiling right now. I do not know how to explain my feeling about this other than something feels obvious. Maybe staying at TG’s would be beneficial to everyone. My concern about finishing this here is having the sister suddenly interrupt us out of the blue causing Maia to “lose her shit”, so to speak. If we tell TG what I want to do in advance she would understand, even though she would nervous for “Charlie”. Or, we do it here and hope that the sister doesn’t decide at 12 AM to go into the basement. I don’t care who sees what, as long as they don’t interrupt. Make sense? TG already has an idea about this “finishing process” so it would be no big surprise to her if I tell her our plan. If we go that route, I would most likely need to promise her that nothing bad will happen to me. We need to think about this some more, Kiddo, but it’s not a bad idea.

Anywho, I attached a music video to the end of this post, one of Maia’s. I have been waking up and hearing this song in my head every day for weeks now, and during the day as well. Does it mean something? “Yes”.

Enjoy your snowy evening, Sweethearts, stay warm, stay dry, be safe, and keep it stellar.

Love, VON, Alex & Maia

xo xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

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