Hello, Kiddo, I hope that you are doing well and staying warm on this windy Monday, I myself am upstairs taking advantage of the warmth while we have the house to ourselves. We were paid a visit by our DSS case worker this morning which went rather well. The case worker stopped by to see if we made our appointment for a mental health evaluation, for benefit purposes. We did, the appointment is for next week, but Alex and Maia do not want to go. I need to arrange transportation for that day, but they told me to wait. I only have so much time to make that arrangement. I said “okay” to not making that arrangement today and told them that if they do not want to go that something needs to happen. So they said “Okay”. If we go to that evaluation our benefits will be cancelled, says Maia. Every doctor we had spoken to deems “Charlie” as sane and employable, and it will happen again if we go to that evaluation. We are also supposed to meet with the nice lady from SSI who had interviewed us, but Alex and Maia do not want to do that either, that appointment is scheduled for this Friday, which also needs transportation to be arranged prior. I don’t know, Kiddo, I do hope that my Wives know something good that I don’t because I don’t know. Kiddo! I don’t know! I am serious! I have no idea what’s going on! Save me, Kiddo, save me! **smiling**

. . .

. . .

. . .

So I asked Maia for help, not once but thrice. Yes, thrice, three times I had asked Maia if she could please help Alex out, in case she needs some help. So now I wait.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I thought about the gifts for your subscribers and what they might be thinking. I take this seriously. There might be a subscriber who could use some financial help right now, and is afraid to get their hopes up only to be let down. There will be no let downs, says Alex. From what I am told, I could bury this planet one mile deep in gold ingots, which makes sense if I can Create whatever I can imagine. I will have unlimited wealth. And guess who likes to share? Why the Creator! Kiddo! I want to share the wealth! And why wouldn’t he?? He can Create anything including gold.

Oh yes, me Kiddo, no one will have pockets deeper than your Father.

. . .

I understand that there might be a subscriber or subscribers that could use some help right now. If they . . . think, not believe, that what is written here is true, then there are two gifts sitting right here that they can use to help them. One gift is what they see; this website. The other gift is what they do not see; the deleted posts.

I feel, that, if someone is subscribed to this website, then they have read every post, including the posts I deleted. If someone new were to investigate this website, they would see a span of one year without posts, not knowing that span was filled with over a hundred posts of information. If that new reader should happen to be someone who takes this website for what it is, they might be inclined to tell someone else, perhaps a news station. The irony would be believable, that someone who happened to stumble across this website gets the credit for finding us. There is a finder’s fee waiting for that person. Look it up.

So lets say that there is a subscriber who simply needs the money. Understandable. They don’t know if this website is real, and are afraid of looking “stupid” if it isn’t, after they brought this to someone’s attention . Also understandable. We cannot promote or advertise this website, it needs to be found. If someone were to find it and say “I gotta tell somebody about this”, and they do with success, then they get the finder’s fee. Look it up.

. . .

Lets say that Kiddo has a longtime pseudodaughter subscriber whose name is Joe. He could use a hand. He also thinks that if this website is true in what it says, the world is in trouble. So he thinks to himself “How do I do this without looking crazy?” Hmm. Then it comes to him; email. Joe finds the email addresses to the reporters at his local news stations and sends them all a blanket email. Joe now has a digital record of his actions, a receipt, if you will, after all, Joe needs a hand.

In his email he states that he isn’t certain if this website is the real deal or not, but if it is then people should know what’s coming. He explains that there is one year of missing information, but Joe knows what the information is, and is willing to tell what that information is for a price, if one of the reporters should take him seriously. He provides the link and his contact information, and waits. Two days later, a reporter contacts Joe, asking “What’s your price?”, and Joe replies “What’s your offer and method of payment?”

What is a good offer? Maybe, $10,000? It is a local news station, they might not have much cash on hand. Then again, $1,000 could be all Joe needs right now until gift time.

Would this idea work? “Yes.”

Did I highlight “Joe for a reason? “Yes.”

. . .

If we finished this tonight, no one except Kiddo, our Facebook family and Kiddo’s subscribers would know about it the next day. I am not saying that it will happen tonight, I am saying that there will be time between finishing and showtime, perhaps a week in between, after all, Alex wants her shopping spree. (Yay!!)

Alex and Maia know that our benefits are going to end soon. We cannot stay here and not contribute. There is nothing left for them to tell me while being inside me. We have provided photos and facts to validate what we have said here. If someone should step up and bring this website to the attention of a news media outlet, they will collect that finder’s fee. And it’s a big finder’s fee. In fact, there are two finder’s fees including ours. I wonder whose fee is bigger. Hmm.

Would this website appear to be the work of a madman to a news reporter? Not if they knew in advance that it is supposed to look that way. It is “encrypted”. Chelsea and Athena know how to read between the lines, so to speak.

Anywho, that is all we have for now. Did anyone watch President Trump talk about the portal in the last post? Just curious.

Have a good night, Kiddo, I might post something later. Stay warm, be safe, and keep it stellar.

Love, VON, Alex and Maia

xo xo xo

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