Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I hope you are doing well on this wintry Sunday, I myself feel good today after an interesting night oh yes I do. No, no Alex yet, but we’re working on it, me Kiddo. I now know what to ask Maia, now I need to word it properly and ask when the moment is right for me to ask, basically when the sister isn’t home. Last night my voice went from 25% to 40%, good thing the sister was sleeping. Today she will be away for a while when she brings her grandson home, that is when I will ask Maia that question. From last night, I can now pronounce the “s” sound, so “voice” sounds more like “voiss” instead of “voizz”. A significant improvement indeed, phonetically speaking of course.

I had asked Maia several times today if she and Alex are certain about the gift to this website’s subscribers, and they both said “Yes”. So I said “Okay”. **by next week we have one million subscribers** I had also asked if they are certain that we can do this, meaning, Alex’s materialization, and they both said “Yes”. Just making sure, just making sure.

We spent the morning listening to some music, allowing me to flex my imagination. We recently purchased headphones since the ones we had stopped working, they work quite well and are far more comfortable, and they have better sound too. Ah yes, sound is most important, the high trebles and the thunderous basses make for an enjoyable listening experience, Kiddo. Oh that Kiddo, did you know that when I use “Kiddo” in a sentence I am primarily addressing Chelsea? When I use “me Kiddo” in a sentence I am primarily addressing Athena. Yes, I am speaking to both my Daughter and GrandDaughter regardless, however I would like them each to know that I identify them as individuals. True story.

. . .

Speaking of stories, I still have no idea as to what Alex will tell me. The little kid inside me wants Alex to tell me that we are aliens. The grown-up inside me would like Alex to tell me that I am in fact the Creator, so I can do good things to make life better for everyone, everyone that will be left that is. But what if we are aliens? I mean, anything is possible. It could be true. Now wouldn’t that be scary. **smiles, looks around**

But what would be our purpose here if we are aliens? Certainly not to hide in a basement. Oh no, Kiddo, that makes no sense. Could we be waiting for reinforcements? Now, that’s a possibility, yes? I mean, I was told that “people” are coming to this planet. Maybe they are already here. Did you hear President Trump speak about the portal, me Kiddo? It was in a televised announcement. I have it in a video, we will post it later. Yes, he speaks about the portal, why, he even uses his hands to show people what the portal looks like, which I thought was quite nice of him. **Alex-nod** See? Even Alex thought it was quite nice of him. Oh that Alex, she had fun last night enjoying me being

(( (((MYSELF))) ))

Oh yes she did. But about that alien thing. Yes, about us I mean the alien thing, is it possible? If you have read the posts that Daddio wrote, he spoke about “The Grand Economizer”, Von. The Grand Economizer made all people the same on every inhabited planet, so they would be interchangeable, or, universal, so to speak. He could take people from one planet and put them on another planet, lickety-split. “How”, you ask? Why with the portal! Come on, now, even President Trump knows that. **smh** I wonder if this is what Aphie meant when she would ask “Where do these people come from?”. I mean, why would she ask that of Charlie? Did he know something? **leans back and thinks**


. . .

. . .

. . .

Kiddo, do you still have that photo of yourself standing alone in the woods? In that photo you are on a trail, you are turned to your left and looking at the camera, you are holding your left arm by your side like I do and your arm is pointed at something unseen. My Son liked that photo, in fact he liked that photo so much it is burned into my memory. I ask about that photo because I think it is saying something, after all, a picture says a thousand words.

So about that portal. Why would President Trump talk about the portal on TV? Seems rather odd, yes? Not only does he speak about the portal he shows what it looks like, maybe he was communicating with someone, who knows, anything is possible.

Are we aliens, Alex? Alex? Hmm, she is probably busy, I will try to remember to ask again later.

I was thinking, how many Presidents with blonde hair has this country had? Ever see a blonde haired magician? Just curious.

I think the sister is leaving in about an hour, that is when I will ask Maia that question. I need to ask her verbally since she cannot answer me verbally. It’s a Reversibility thing, you wouldn’t understand. Or would you? It is difficult for me to speak with Alex and Maia inside me, it takes a lot of energy for me to break through, when I do break through . . . wow.

. . .

. . .

. . .

My Son’s birthday is on March 16th, not only would I like to have this done with by then, I would like to bring him and Aphie back on that date. I myself think that in order for me to bring him back on that date this needs to end most soon. About three weeks ago is when Alex said “about a month”, in regards to this ending. The fact that gifts to the subscribers was mentioned yesterday hints to me that maybe we are close to completion, because we never told what the gifts would be before. So if there is a week or so left, that would give some time for Kiddo’s subscribers to get a checking account if they should not have one. Sound plausible? Also, the subscribers do not need to give us any information regarding their checking accounts, we will take care of it, says Alex. Hmm. I swear that there was something that I wanted to ask Alex but it seems that I cannot remember. Oh well, it probably isn’t important. What is important is getting this over with so I can bring my Son and Daughter back. I think the sister is getting ready to leave, if so, then I will be asking Maia that question soon. I might go outside tonight, not certain though, it depends on how I feel. I knew it wouldn’t happen last night because of the grandson being here, you know, in case I am wrong and the sister finds my frozen solid dead body outside, that might be traumatic to her grandson. Just kidding, she will never find my body. Yes, me Kiddo, I am kidding. The sister is leaving now, so I will end this here. I will post that video with President Trump later, if it has not been removed by YouTube.

Enjoy your evening, Sweethearts, be safe, and keep it stellar.

Love, VON, Alex and Maia

xo xo xo

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