Hello, Kiddo, it is Thursday and I am rather bored. Is all well with you and yours? I hope so, I hope so. So I posted a video here this morning about that letter “J”, I am not certain as to why, perhaps to show your followers that what we speak of is not a secret. What is also not a secret is Alex and Maia’s wanting to finish this. Oh yes, me Kiddo, I am starting to feel that they want this to be over with more than I do. That says a lot. We are hiding from the sister more and more each day, and it’s getting old. Getting old? It is old, Alex. Yes, old indeed, me Kiddo.

Athena – “Am I ever getting out of here??”

Alex – “Yes, Honey, your Father’s working on it.”

Working on it indeed, I am working on it every day, in fact, I am working on it right now! That is why I am writing this, to help me figure out what to do. Alex and Maia cannot tell me directly how to finish this, I need to figure it out myself, when I have most of the answer then they can tell me the rest. It is something like this website. We cannot advertise or promote this website, it needs to be discovered, like the answer to finishing this without the need to go outside. I mean, I have no problem with going outside, my Wives’ concern is the possibility that I might not be in a good mood shortly after Alex is physically in my sight. It has to do with the cold. I had told Alex that if she is alright then I will be alright. I will not be upset by any means, I will have no reason to be, I will be happy instead and who wouldn’t be? It is finally over. Now we can leave. Simple as that, Kiddo.

I would like to finish this indoors, for Alex, for she wants this to end “nicely”, so to speak. The question is “how do I do this”. Hmm.

. . .

Perhaps I am overthinking this. Maybe it is so simple that I cannot see how simple finishing this is. Is that possible? **shrugs** I mean, we are not doing the things that we were doing six weeks ago, I do not feel the same as I once did and my voice has been hitting that 30% mark quite often. At that mark my voice is more bassy, with bounce in its rumble, “springy”, if you will. I do not expect my voice needing to reach 100% to finish this nor am I giving percentages as a countdown, I am simply stating that my voice is moving forward.

Another thing that has caught my attention is the DE that I had the night before, and the night before that. I could see and feel my body as my Wives had told me it will be. Most impressive, me Kiddo, most impressive. A glimpse of things to come? Alex says “Yes”. Alex and Maia are about 90/10 in regards to surface-time, Maia is present but in the background, she is also with Alex now, cahootin’.

. . .

Did you view the post of photos? If I counted correctly, there are 291 photos in that post. There were more, however, we chose the best ones. Still, 291 photos in one post is quite a few, it took two hours to Create that post between keeping track of what had been added and WordPress struggling to keep up. Oh that WordPress.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Kiddo! How do I finish this?! They want out!! I want out!! We all want out!! Kiddo!! Save me, Kiddo, save me!!!

Maybe I should ask Jesus for help. Oh that’s right. Scratch that. You know, there is a scene in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy where Gandolf is trying to figure out what to say to open a door. After a while of thinking he figured out that the answer was simple. Could that be the case here? Hmm. Not certain I am. But I do remember that scene. I wonder why. Maia wants a smoke break, I will be right back.

. . .

. . .

. . .

We decided to have lunch after Maia’s smoke break. During lunch I had a sensation of what I will describe as impending reality. As Alex and Maia were preparing lunch, I could feel their anxiety from being in this house. I began to think something and they blurted out “we want out of here”. Oh I am not kidding, Kiddo, that five word sentence has been told to me several times per day for weeks now, I think they might be serious.

We have an appointment with that lady from SSI next Friday, and Alex does not want to go. Today I need to make arrangements for a ride that day before it gets too late to do so. She does not want me to.

We were just interrupted by my Son’s niece, she needs our help, so I will finish this post here, I will try to write later.

Enjoy your day, and be safe.

Love, VON, Alex and Maia

xo xo xo

I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors, no time to proofread.

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