Hello, Kiddo, it is Tuesday afternoon and I am bored yet feeling anxious, a most strange feeling indeed. I hope that you are doing well, Kiddo, on this cold and blustery day.

. . .

Last week I managed to watch a video by a man named “Jeff P”, he has a YouTube channel by the same name. He is known as a “Truther”, a person who dedicates their time to reveal the unseen truth to those who can either not see the truth or to those who simply choose not to believe the truth revealed. We are subscribed to his channel, I highly recommend for your followers to visit his channel, he does not disappoint.

The video that we watched was most heartfelt by us and by many of his followers, he had told that he was going through a rough time, and that any support would be greatly appreciated. So I wrote something to him in a comment. Minutes later I recieved a “thumbs up”, this thing —> 👍, and one of these —> ❤. This made me feel good, more so for him than myself. So. What did I write. Here, take a look;

Could it have been Maia to the rescue? **shrugs** Anything is possible.

. . .

. . .

. . .

If you believe that Maia had something to do with me giving Jeff P a congratulatory comment, you might be right. The question is “why did Maia help?”. The answer is “Sincerity”. Maia knew through feeling that I wanted to help Jeff P, my feelings were sincere. This is the second time this has happened, where it was Maia to the rescue. The first time was when we received a rather disturbing text message from my Son’s niece at 3 in the morning, several weeks ago. Maia did the impossible. I could not help my Son’s niece, so I had asked “Could you please do something, Maia”. And she did. What she did had some people mystified, Kiddo, they could not believe what happened, why, it was like an act of GOD, when actually it was the actions of the Holy Spirit. Oh that Holy Spirit. I also need to state that we heard the sincerity in Jeff P’s voice during that video, which is important since he did not present any physical facts to support his claim of hardship. My Son’s niece did not speak with us, instead she sent a text message with a photo. The photo was and still is a physical fact supporting her claim, for I still have that photo, as a painful reminder.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Are we taking credit for Jeff P’s accomplishment? No. His achievement was his, Maia simply made certain that it was going to happen. There is something special about Jeff P, other than the fact that he is a sincere truther. He replied to my comment. I have posted comments at many channels, hoping for a reply from those channels’ creators, and the only creator that replied was Jeff P. Because of his actions, I would like to Create a photo post, and possibly send him the link to. My concern is that we do not have the same effect my Son did when he emailed “Chris Potter”. Remember that one, Kiddo? Yes, that did not go well. Charlie and Aphie sent Chris Potter an email on a Monday and two days later Chris Potter closed his channel. Maia said that their email “scared the fuck outta him”. Chris Potter was uploading a new video every day for months back in late 2016 when Charlie and Aphie sent him the link to this website on a Monday. On Tuesday morning Chris Potter sent them a reply, stating that he was going to look into this website later that day. Later that day, no videos were uploaded. On Wednesday Mr. Potter uploaded his last video stating that he was taking his channel down. This bothered Charlie greatly. He did not intend for that to happen. Mr. Potter had put a lot of work into his channel, Charlie knew that, Charlie was hoping that Mr. Potter would share his photos in hopes of getting acknowledged. That did not happen. I think that Chris Potter is back with a new channel of the same name, however, I do not know the content of. If I send Jeff P an email with the link to that specific post would the same thing happen? I need to think about this before I do anything. I will still put together a photo post for Kiddo and her followers, maybe I will do that tonight.

. . .

. . .

. . .

You know, Kiddo, what if finishing this was as simple as asking Maia a question of sincerity? I mean, anything is possible. Just saying.

Hmm. I am certainly going out on a limb with this, but what if someone else were to send Jeff P a link to the photo post? Just a thought.

Well, Kiddo, it is almost dinnertime, I will work on that photo post tonight, after all, what else have I to do?

Have a goodnight, Sweethearts, be safe, stay warm, and keep it stellar.

Love, VON, Alex and Maia

xo xo xo


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