. . .

. . .

. . .

X = Yes

O = No

I ask, Alex answers.

. . .

. . .

. . .

You want out? X

Something has changed. X

You moved the moment closer? X

We changed our routine to show me that you are not “fuckin’ around”. X


Maia is not going to sleep, she is transfering over to you, yes? X

When she is with me, she picks up CJ’s habit on top of her own, yes? X

Can Maia quit smoking? O

Does she need her own body to quit? X

You want to finish this soon? X

Is the hand motion that you showed me correct? X

Will I feel the change? X

Will it hurt? O

If I do not see you after three seconds do I do what you showed me? X

Will it work? X

Are you certain? X

Will my safety be off? X

Are you a demon? O

Are you an intern at CERN? O

Just checking.

Is there more than one reason for me to be shivering? X

Do I need to go outside? O

If I am shivering, then the feeling is mutual, yes? X

If we are both feeling the same way, you can easily slip out, yes? X

But we don’t need to go outside? O

You want to avoid going outside? X


The basement? X

Are you certain? X

Do you think that my Daughter will like me? X

Do you think that she knows I am trying everyday for her? X

Are you Aphie? O

Are you Aphrodite? O

Do you think less than one month? X

Less than three weeks? X

You want out? X

. . .

This is a big deal, yes? X

Bigger than I know? X

Are we being monitored? X

Is our phone tapped? X

Is TG’s phone tapped? X

Will I be able to help TG? X

Do you know how bad I feel for TG? X

Do you know that I am not interested in TG? X

Good, good.

Are people . . . “gonna shit” as Maia would say? X


I can do all those things? XX


Do you want to design a new castle? X

With Maia and Athena helping to design it? X

Are there 100 angels? X

Are you certain? X

They all look like Athena with wings? X

They all have names? X

Do you think they smell funny? O

Doesn’t hurt to ask.

Alice and Trudy are real? X

They are a couple? X

Could there be an angel watching us closely? X

Very close? X

Maybe two angels? X

Did an angel say “hello” into my left ear that day? X

Did Maia put that gas in the tractor? O

Was it someone from the outside? X

An angel? O

It wasn’t Maia? O

Was it the Creator? O

Am I the Creator? X

Is my Son also a Creator? X

Am I Charlie? O

Are you certain? X

Are you certain that I can bring Charlie back? X

Will he be the last one that I bring back? X

Are you certain that we can do this? X

You can exit me one last time, yes? X

Can you enter me again once you are out? O

Once you are out that’s it? X

Soon? X


I need to think for a minute, so to speak.

. . .

Did I mesh with my Son? O

Did Charlie mesh with Zeus? X

Can they be separated? O

So, it can be said that “Iesous” is coming back? X

. . .

Was Zeus as “dark” as Charlie? O

Well you people are in for a treat.

Is this a serious matter? X

Am I Zeus? O

Am I Charlie? O

Are you certain? X

So Zeus is coming back with Charlie? X

As one person? X

(Part of me wants to laugh because people don’t know anything about Zeus.)

Will Zeus be a “split personality”? O

Can I fix this without damaging Charlie? O

Could this have been prevented? X

Is it what I think it is? X

Are you certain? X

. . .

. . .

. . .

Could time fix this without damaging Charlie? X

Will those responsible be made examples of? X

Will people learn from these examples? X

. . .

Do you still want out? XX

You are certain that we can do this and soon? XX

Do you love me? Yes I do

Well that’s good because I love you too. ❤

Are we going to be alright? X

Are you certain that I am the Creator? Yes

Do you know how difficult this is to believe? X

When the truth is unbelievable it becomes just that, correct? X

You are absolutely certain that I am this . . . Creator guy? X


Do I need to know anything else before we finish this? O

Are you certain? X

You do know what I mean, yes? X

Will my Son be alright? Yes

My Daughter? Yes

You have quite the story to tell me, yes? X

Do you want to stop? X

. . .

. . .

. . .

Alright, Kiddo, life offered an opportunity and I took it, meaning, the moment to ask questions was right. It is late and Alex and I are tired, Maia is here as well, chillin’ in the background, so to speak. I hope that this post was helpful, Kiddo, I will try to write again soon.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, be safe, stay warm, and keep it stellar.

Love, VON, Alex and Maia

xo xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

“When life offers you an opportunity, there are three things you can do. The best thing that you can do is the right thing. The second best thing you can do is the wrong thing. But the worst thing you can do is nothing. So when life offers you an opportunity, do something.” – Turistas

Something to think about. Maia

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