Assault & Prepper

Hello, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

So we spent the morning shoveling snow, it was not fun. We might have no fun again later since it is snowing on and off. Right now I am writing a post, to share my thoughts. Are you keeping warm, Kiddo? I hope so.

I woke up this morning and went into the basement as usual. I turned on a light and sat down. As I am sitting there I realized that I did not feel Maia, nor did I feel like she needed her nicotine. It was strange, Kiddo. I gave her a few shots of nicotine just in case, however, it did not feel the same, there was no craving, so to speak. This lead me to thinking.

I am told that Maia is going to sleep inside Alex but only for a short while.

I have lost interest in watching informative videos, any videos for that matter.

I do not feel Maia’s craving for nicotine, I had asked if she is quitting and I was told “No”.

So, with all that being said, I would say that this might be coming to an end. I think that Alex is funneling me into where I need to be, regarding mindset. I mean, I am not doing the things that I did during the day or during the night, I am basically doing nothing but sitting and thinking. How much of that can someone do day after day? Oh yes, me Kiddo, this life has grown quite old.

The mindset. I will need to be in a pleasant mood before I begin, this is a must for Alex.

I will need to begin with a feeling, meaning, I need to feel “when”. Alex has been helping me identify that feeling by using “Occam’s Razor”. Clever, my Alex is.

I will need to know that when I feel Alex exit me there will be a 3 second delay before showtime. If I do not see her within 3 seconds then I need to summon her, Alex showed me what to do. This is a back-up plan, just in case. Yes, I will summon Alex immediately if I do not see her after 3 seconds. But she knows that.

Once in her body, Alex will explain to me what to do by using sign language and writing. Alex’s voice is similar to my voice, without the bassy rumble, so she might wait a bit before speaking. After we have a secluded location she will tell me her story about what exactly happened.

I understand the mindset. That is most important. My thoughts are about what she will tell me. Just how wild of a story does she have for me, Kiddo? I mean, this story of hers must be a doozy! I am serious Kiddo and I am! What will Alex say?


Alex – “Alright . . . this is what happened.”

Kiddo! What could she tell me? She could tell me anything and I will need to believe whatever she says! Oh noes, me Kiddo, this could be bad! Wait. Alex says “No”, meaning, “not bad”. She said “This is the craziest shit you’ll ever hear”. Oh no.

Oh no, Kiddo, I can imagine a lot of possibilities and all of them are possible. Hmm. What’s that? “What kind of possibilities” you ask? Why, possible ones, what other possibilities are there? “What’s possible” you ask? Oh, I don’t know . . .

**we are aliens from the Karbis System, we are here to harvest people for food**

**I am the Devil and I’m here to bring my Son Satan and my daughter Lucifer back home, it’s way past their curfew**

**I’m like that guy from “Jacob’s Ladder” and Alex and Maia are angels sent to take me to heaven**

**we are intergalactic dance artists whose ship just happened to break down on my Son’s planet on our way to our next gig**

**Alex and Maia are Space bounty hunters who finally caught me, I have warrants for my arrest in several star systems**

**we are reptillians hiding in Human bodies about to takeover the world**

**My name is actually GOD and not VON, now that would change a lot of things, yes?**

You see, there are a lot of possibilities, regardless of how impossible they might seem. Is it not possible that my name is indeed GOD and “VON” was a way to gently break me into that reality? It is also possible that this is the “Truman Show” and some people know exactly whom I am. How funny would that be? I think most funny but who am I. The possibilities are endless.

So! Are we reptillians? “No”.

Are we . . . a band of intergalactic dance artists? “No”.

Hmm. Well that removes some possibilities. Space bounty hunters? “No”. Whew. I don’t know, Kiddo, I don’t know. Wait! Am I the Devil? “No”.


Am I Zeus? “No”.

Are you certain? “Yes”.


Can I pretend to be Zeus? “NO”.

Not even for a day? “No”.

. . .

. . .

. . .

C’mon! Let me be Zeus! “No”.

But I want to be Zeus! “No”.

Please? “No”.

Fine. I did not want to be Zeus anyway. “Good”.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Could I be “Chronos”? “No”.

Dammit, Woman! Oh what’s the use. My Son gets to be a bunch of cool people and all I get to be is the Creature I mean the Creator. **thinking**

**We are “aliens” that crash landed on this planet. My Wife Maia investigated the life on this planet and learned that the inhabitants have a genetic defect that allows them to believe in someone that is not real, making them vulnerable. Maia told this to Alex. Alex and Maia know that the inhabitants of this planet have never met a being like myself. They plan to introduce me as “GOD”. “Like taking candy from a baby”**

So what will it be, Kiddo? What will Alex tell me? Whatever she tells me, I will believe her. You know, it would be funny if one of those possibilities is the story. **Athena is smiling**

Anywho, I thought to share. Are you thinking about those possibilities? The alien ones, yes? Oh for heaven’s sake, everyone knows that there are no such things as “aliens”, they’re made up by Hollywood to scare you, I mean, **shrugs** have you ever seen aliens that look like these?

Of course you haven’t. See? Nothing to worry about, people, just continue doing what you’re doing, nothing to see here so just move along, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. Those images are simply souls, they are not aliens, I repeat, they are not aliens, so no cause for alarm, people. **Athena still smiling**

Anywho! Maybe I will write later. Alex and I have some things to do to get ready for the invasion I mean the moment so I am going to stop here.

Enjoy your day, Kiddo, stay warm, stay safe, and keep it most stellar, most stellar indeed.

Love, VON

xx oo

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