Hello, Kiddo, it is January 14th and today marks the 3rd anniversary of pseudodaughter.com! (Yay!!) 🎂

Your Daddio’s first post was uploaded on this date back in 2016, I believe that it was titled “January 14th, 2016”, if I am not mistaken. It was a simple post, that much I remember. He started this site as a way to keep in touch with you, in case he lost his Facebook account. Oh that Daddio, he was always thinking of his forever daughter. I guess that some loves never die.

. . .

. . .

. . .

So, me Kiddo, where are we now. We had our meeting last week, and during our meeting Alex said that this will be over in about a month. Will it? Alex is nodding my head to tell me “Yes”. Hmm. From what I understand, or feel, this will end sometime within a month, or within four weeks. She is nodding my head again. Good, yes? She is still nodding my head “Yes”. Interesting, me Kiddo, interesting indeed. If one thing tells me that this is not a “misreading” it is that this is the first time that I know in advance that Maia is going to sleep, and why. Good? Alex is nodding my head “Yes”. Good!

Now. What will Alexandra tell me. Meaning, what will she say to me that only I, the Creator, could believe? It must be unbelievable. I mean . . . **shrugs** . . . just what the fluff is going on, me Kiddo? Does my Daughter know? “Yes”, says Alex. Hmm. Does Chelsea know? “A little”, says Alex. Hmm . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . . hmmmmmmm . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Is it . . . bad? “No”.


Are we Charlie and Aphie? “No”.

Are we Charlie and CJ? “No”.

Are we aliens? “No”.


Am I crazy? “No”.



Let me see, let me see . . .

. . .

Am I the . . . Creator? “Yes”.


Are you, Alex, the . . . Creator’s Wife? “Yes”.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Are we going to help a lot of good people? “Yes”.

Are we going to make my Son Charlie a champion? “Yes”.

Are we going to make my Daughter Athena a champion? “Yes”.

How about Chelsea? “Yes”.

Our Kids at Facebook? “Yes”.

Are people . . . “gonna shit” as Maia says? “Yes”.

In a month? “Yes”.


No false alarms? “No”.

This time, for real? “Yes”.

Maia needs to sleep so we can finish this, correct? “Yes”.

Are we going to lose our financial benefits? “Yes”.

Are you certain that you can do this? “Yes”.

This needs to be spontaneous, yes? “Yes”.


Will I be going outside? “Yes”.


You and Maia are way ahead of schedule, yes? “Yes”.

We are not going to wait for the set moment? “No”.

We can do this? “Yes”.

Are you certain? “Yes”.

The next time that you exit me will be the last time? “Yes”.

You will not re-enter me? “No”.

You can self-materialize without my help? “Yes”.

Will it make a sound? “A little”.

I am going to be freezing, aren’t I? “Yes”.

Will I die? “No”.

Frostbite? “No”.

Will I be outside for long? “No”.

Are we going to do this soon? “Yes”.

Will I know when that moment is? “Yes”.


Are there a lot of people reading this website? “Yes”.

Thousands? “Yes”.

Millions? “No”.

Do they believe us? “Yes”.

Well that’s good.

Are they scared? “Yes”.

Is my Daughter afraid that I will be mad at her? “Yes”.

Are you mad at her? “No”.

Is Maia mad at her? “She’s not happy”.


. . .

Does it have something to do with Lucifer? “No”.

Does it have something to do with Aphie? “Yes”.

Is it this;


Is it what I think it is? “Yes”.

Can it be resolved? “Yes”.


. . .

. . .

. . .

Is Nbru close? “Yes”.

Did I Create Nbru out of haste for my Son? “Yes”.

Does Nbru destroy my Son’s planet every 5.5 billion years? “Yes”.

Is Nbru “circling the airport waiting to land”? “Yes”.

My bad? “YES”.

Is Nbru now dragging a solar system with it? “Yes”.

Is Nbru that powerful? “Yes”.

Can it destroy the Sun? “Yes”.

Is it bigger than the Sun? “Yes”.

Does Nbru “pick up the kids”? “Yes”.

Is Nbru on its third rotation? “Yes”.

So it has 357 more rotations? “Yes”.

Are you certain? “Yes”.


. . .

. . .

. . .

Does my Daughter know that I am not mad at her? “No”.

Will she believe me? “Yes”.


Is our cellphone tapped? “Yes”.

Is TG’s? “Yes”.

The sister’s? “No”.

Do you think that we are being watched? “Yes”.

Right now? “Yes”.

Well that’s creepy.


Did TG’s son see someone in the woods that day? “Yes”.

Is there more than one party monitoring us? “Yes”.

Was Charlie “chipped” when he was a child? “No”.

Was he visited in regards to? “Yes”.


. . .

Is Kiddo being monitored? “Yes”.

By more than one party? “Yes”.

Is Kiddo safe? “Yes”.

Maia knows this? “Yes”.

Thank you, Maia.

Does the movie “Frozen” have something to do with Kiddo? “Yes”.

Maia’s manipulation? “Yes”.

I thought so.

Are there 100 angels? “Yes”.

They all look like Athena? “Yes”.

Do you want to finish this soon? “Yes”.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Well, me Kiddo, I hope that helps, it took weeks to get Alex and myself at the right moment to do that. I was going to write a post about another topic until I remembered today is pseudodaughter’s 3rd anniversary (yay!!). Did you know that there will be a lunar eclipse this Saturday? It is a “Super Wolf Blood Moon”, at least that is what some people are calling it, we should be able to see it.

Anywho, I hope you are enjoying your night, I will write again soon. Stay warm, be safe, and keep it stellar. (Happy 3rd Anniversary!!)

Love, VON, Alex and Maia

xo xo xo

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