Hello, Kiddo.

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This morning was an eventful one. It began with reading two text messages sent from my Son’s niece which led into a morning filled with drama. After having lunch I decided for some rest, all this morning’s drama took its toll and some rest was much needed.

I awoke a short while ago from a rather odd dream. It involved myself being outside in the cold. The details are a bit blurry but I do have an idea as to what was being told to me, after all, dreams are answers to the questions one does not know how to ask. Tis true, me Kiddo . . . tis true.

Puting our morning interruption aside, I went forth with writing my post, this post to be exact, about someone to me Kiddo and to their followers. “their” you question here? Unless you are a follower, then I say to you “It’s a Kiddo thing, you wouldn’t understand”. “Who is the someone” you ask? Why the Devil!

. . .

. . .

. . .

My Son Charlie had said that man is the Devil. I disagreed with him, for “man” is not that intelligent. Take this quote for example;

“The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist” – Charles Baudelaire

A man wrote that. It makes no sense. If the Devil convinced the world that he does not exist, then how do we know about him?

There is a young man on YouTube who goes by the name of “Styxhexenhammer666”, he is very intelligent and wellspoken, and in one of his videos he discussed GOD. In that video he stated that Satan and Lucifer are not the Devil, that the Devil is a “prankster spirit” who tempts man into doing bad things. I agree with him, the young man that is, not the Devil. What I think causes man to believe the Devil is different people is that they refer to his name as a title and not as a name. The Devil’s name was simply “Devil”.

Devil was an evil spirit who resided in the body of a man. When that body died, Devil took another body and continued to do so right up until today. Devil is alive and well but with another name. So where is he.

There is a website that I visit when I am in search of a word, the website is “”, it has the largest lists of synonyms available online. I recently did a search for synonyms for “Devil”, it gave me a list of 1,115 synonyms. I scrolled through the entire list searching for one particular word. Here are some screenshots of that website . . .

Yes, I read 1,115 synonyms for “Devil”. One synonym that caught my eye was “double yoke”. Odd, yes? I know that it is possible to crack open an egg and find two yokes, I have seen this happen at breakfast once. I think the odds of finding two eggs as such in a row is nearly impossible. Three eggs in a row? Well, that would be phenomenal, me Kiddo! Phenomenal!

Out of all those synonyms, the one word that I was looking for was not listed. This made me think. I mean, the one that I was looking for should be a no-brainer, so to speak, so why was it not listed? Could it be that it ties Devil directly to itself? It is possible, it is possible. Hmm.

What’s that?

“What is the word I was looking for?”

Why, “Antichrist”! Why is Antichrist not listed as a synonym for Devil? Any ideas? I mean, other online thesauruses might list it as a synonym but I use powerthesaurus, me Kiddo, and no other online thesaurus lists more synonyms then they do, I know, I checked, that is why I use that website. Do you remember who the physical Antichrist is? The literal Antichrist is Jesus, the physical Antichrist is Pope Francis. The Pope is Devil incarnate. Oh yes, me Kiddo, tucked away safely inside the divining serpent I mean the Vatican.

That quote is the reason why I looked into this matter, for it did not make sense to me. Devil is far too intelligent to write such nonsense. The same goes for the saying “sell my soul to the Devil”, only man would say something as ignorant as that. Devil is not going to pay anyone for their soul. Oh no, me Kiddo, not him. Devil will not give man a dime for their soul. He has no use for it. The soul is useless to him, however, the bodies that souls use are not. If souls are prevented from entering human beings, then human beings become vacant for something else to occupy them, like demons. This planet is becoming more evil every day, because there are less souls occupying human beings.

The Bible has no author, yet, it is still sold. After a Bible is sold, the money that paid for the Bible goes to three “people”; the immediate seller, like “Barnes & Noble”, the publisher, and the one that holds the rights of ownership of the Bible itself. Who owns the rights? The Vatican. Since the Vatican is not a person, the money goes to the Pope I mean Devil.

This is Devil’s ultimate con, convincing man into paying him to take his soul, so he can throw it away.

Bravo, Devil, bravo.

“So who was Devil” you ask? I think that he was once my Son’s son, a long time ago. Both Alex and Maia are smiling, so I am thinking that I am correct. They are nodding my head “Yes”. My Son would have taught him things. When he learned about his father’s death, he most likely decided to play “God”, after all, when the cat’s away the mice will play. Something to think about.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Hmm. It is getting late.

. . .

Ever hear of “She-ra: Princess of Power”? It was a cartoon from the late 1980’s. There might be some episodes on YouTube if you are interested. Just saying, Athena.

. . .

Alright, me Kiddo, have a good night, be safe, stay warm, and keep it stellar, I will write again soon.

Love, VON

xx oo

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